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Housing Authority to relocate seniors in subsidized housing

Elderly face eviction if they refuse to give up larger apartments
April 10, 2014 04:45PM

The city is planning to relocate more than 6,500 seniors residing in publicly subsidized housing to smaller units, freeing up apartments for bigger families, according to a report.

Currently, about 11,400 households are “extremely under-occupied,” the New York City Housing Authority general manager Cecil House announced during a recent City Council hearing.

Elderly tenants whose families have moved out make up many of these households, the New York Daily News reported.

Meanwhile, roughly 15,000 NYCHA households are overcrowded, the article said. In previous years, the authority has tried other tactics, like offering seniors incentives to move out, as previously reported. This time around, the NYCHA will evict those who refuse to move, officials said during the meeting. [NYDN]Angela Hunt

  • nonowners have more rights

    Aren’t rents based on the size of the apartment?

  • Runner4BestOf

    Exactly how is the city allowed to do this? Amazing that when it’s the city’s property they do whatever they want to existing tenants if it makes economic sense. Imagine if a private landlord tried to evict a rent stabilized or controlled tenant to move in another family – riots in the streets, that’s what would happen.

    • Runner4BestOf

      Plus, I love the comments from the Daily News: “There is no apartment for life guarantee for renters especially for $105/month.”

  • discriminatory legislation

    Are private property owners permitted to move rent regulated senior citizens to smaller apartments by the same justification? We’re certainly not permitted to evict them if they refuse to relinquish their oversized apartment, correct? So who would Mark Levine sue in this case? The city?

    And how is it the city is not responsible for what happens to the elderly tenants after eviction? After all, isn’t there a bill being proposed that landlords have to be responsible for tenants in the event of a vacate order?

  • FreeNewYork

    Ahhhh…..old people…another sacred cow of this dear city. Old people, who have worked and saved longer and have more wealth than anybody. Let’s give them a free ride. Makes good economic sense. Somebody please bring free markets back. Please.

    • KG18

      Well most of these ppl don’t have wealth and are on fixed income – let’s be serious. However having to downsize is certainly reasonable. “Normal” retirees have to do it on their own

  • commuting sucks

    If all these units are in Manhattan, they could be paying more than they would to live cheaper and bigger in Brooklyn and Queens.

  • good son

    Wow, two 25 year olds are living with their mother but didn’t age out of NYCHA? I know a computer engineer and day trader who uses his parents multi-bedroom NYCHA unit sub rosa. He obviously does not qualify for NYCHA. he’s just visiting.

    • maybe not so good

      I think if your kid owns investment property, you should not be living at NYCHA and letting him tell anyone and everyone that you prefer it to his buying you your own place.

      No one ever asks where are the grown children of these elderly?

  • taxedmore

    All those dollars that taxpayers had to expend part of their life earning – now going to pay somebody else’s rent. Somehow that is supposed to be “fair” according to the liberals and progressives. It’s not so fair to the taxpayers.