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Larry Gluck rents out pool after banning rent-regulated tenants

Private instructor offering swimming lessons to children at West End Avenue building
April 11, 2014 03:30PM

A landlord of an Upper West Side building is renting out a newly installed pool to a business that provides swim lessons to kids — a move that’s seen as an affront to rent-regulated tenants banned from using it themselves.

Stellar Management’s Larry Gluck, who poured $10 million into recent renovations, recently restricted residents of the 23-story Windermere at 666 West End Avenue who pay below-market rents from using the building’s amenities, the New York Daily News reported.

Along with the swimming pool, those residents no longer have access to the children’s playroom, lounge or rooftop patio, according to the Daily News.

Other city landlords have made similar moves, which Public Advocate Letitia James described as a “troubling pattern in New York City of long-term, rent-stabilized tenants being pressured to leave their apartments,” according to the Daily News. Some city officials have criticized the practice, including Assembymember Linda Rosenthal, who recently introduced a bill that would fine building owners as much as $25,000 if they bar rent-regulated tenants from using amenities, as previously reported.

SwimJim, the swimming school, has opened up lessons to all children in the building at a discounted rate. [NYDN]Angela Hunt

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    Management recently added the pool along with a children’s play room and lounge, and renovated the rooftop patio, but their use was restricted to market-rate tenants.

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    It doesn’t sound like it was a preexisting amenity that is now being denied them, Everyone can pay and play like the rent regulated tenants The Reillys.

  • 1Lionel

    eh? and what is wrong with that?

    • Common Sense

      Because it doesn’t have anything to do with your income – that’s what’s wrong with it.

      Those over 65 are BY FAR the largest group of beneficiaries of rent stabilized apartments. Those over 65 are also BY FAR the wealthiest generation in the history of our the City.

      20 somethings are BY FAR the smallest group of beneficiaries of rent stabilized apartments. Those 20 somethings are BY FAR the poorest generation in the City.

      A social program that benefits the rich at the expense of the poor is foolish and should be phased out.

  • GameTheSystem

    Good. If these people aren’t paying their fair share, then they shouldn’t enjoy all the spoils. Welcome to the real world people. Rent regulation is an abomination. It’s basically a welfare program.

    • Your momma

      These people? Wakie boy.

  • Common Sense

    These problems are so easy to solve. Of course everyone should have equal access to the pool – you’d be a fool to say otherwise. And of course everyone should pay market rate rents. You’d be a fool to say otherwise. Move all rents to market and let everyone use the pool. It is the ONLY FAIR solution.

    • jesuds

      BULL. The solution is give back this city to those who were born here and all other go back home. I vote (down) not up in error.

  • PerryR

    Discrimination is wrong. nuf said

    • Common Sense

      totally agreed – but just to clarify, you mean it’s wrong to discriminate against 20 year olds by making them pay more in rent than their rich neighbors right??

  • YankeeFan

    If a Landlord takes away an amenity, reduces staff in the building, etc., rent stabilized tenants are entitled to a rent reduction for “diminished services”. Shouldn’t the inverse then also be true for the addition of amenities like a roof garden, playroom or fitness center? If a rent decrease is warranted for “diminished services”, then a rent increase is warranted for “accentuated services”.

  • Ttibeca

    Larry Gluck is a millionaire slum lord. Wait until all the market tenants rent goes up ,way up! The tenants that were originally there have a right to use what the market tenants use. We made this city what it is today!! You come in and pay whatever is asked of you. Larry Gluck has been our landlord for 10 years! He’s a pice of garbage