The Real Deal New York

Exhibits exploring Chinatown on their final days

April 12, 2014 10:00AM

Two exhibits exploring the connection between Chinatown and its residents are open through Sunday at The Museum of Chinese in America on 215 Centre Street.

MOCA curator Herb Tam said that the exhibits are part of the project “Chinatown: Beyond the Streets,” which attempts to “look beyond the streets into the interior life of Chinatown, its domestic spaces and collective memory.”

One exhibit, “A Floating Population,” features more than 80 photographs by Annie Ling. According to MOCA’s website, Ling’s photographs enable viewers to access the “internal, private worlds” of the residents of Chinatown.

“A Floating Population” is composed of four sections: “81 Bowery,” “Shut-Ins,” “Tenements” and “A Floating Population.”

In the other exhibit, “Portraits of New York Chinatown,” artist Tomie Arai explores the issues of gentrification and displacement. Her portrait of Chinatown features a mix of oral history, screen-printing and personal artifacts selected by the artist and her subjects.

Arai’s installation will present a story of a neighborhood experiencing gentrification wholly. [WSJ] —TRD