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John Sexton’s son scored NYU pad during housing shortage

No affiliation with school but Jed Sexton lived in university-owned apartment for five years
April 16, 2014 05:00PM

New York University president John Sexton, no stranger to real estate squabbles linked to the school, reportedly hooked his son up with a university-owned apartment for years.

Son Jed Sexton, who had no affiliation with the school other than his father is the NYU president, lived in a one-bedroom apartment at 240 Mercer Street during a “severe” housing shortage at the university, according to the New York Post. The younger Sexton took up residence in the new duplex in 2002 along with newlywed wife Danielle Decrette, and lived there for the next five years, according to documents cited by the Post and sources reportedly briefed on the situation.

The two floors of the pad were linked by a staircase installed at NYU’s expense, as well as a reconfigured heating, ventilation and air conditioning system, according to the Post.

“We don’t discuss the specifics of residents’ rent, though I can absolutely say [Jed Sexton] was charged rent,” NYU spokesperson John Beckman told the Post.

Beckman declined to comment to the Post on why NYU offered the apartment to Jed Sexton and his wife when faculty housing was reportedly squeezed.

The senior Sexton, who has tangled with faculty over the university’s neighborhood expansion plan and several other issues, will step down when his contract expires in 2016. [NYP]Julie Strickland

  • Villager

    Why does NYU need to build 100 faculty apartments when 100+ faculty apartments stand vacant? The NYU expansion plan is a real estate boondoggle.

  • Michael Rectenwald

    Where did Sexton’s son score the money for a million-dollar house in Connecticut? Story forthcoming.

  • Pen_Is_Mightier

    NOW we all know where NYU students’ sky-high tuition, room & board ($64,000 per indebted soul) is going! To say nothing of scarce faculty housing. All morally obscene, ethically corrupt, shamelessly nepotistic — and, maybe saddest of all, entirely to be expected now from this university president and his cheerleading trustees. It’s all-pigs-to-the-trough time yet again. Jack Lew’s NYU golden parachute (as if he needed it), Sexton’s summer villa and grotesquely outsized length-of-service bonus coming up next year … it’s all but the tip of a very ugly — and, for NYU as university (as opposed to global brand and real estate tycoon), an enormously dangerous — iceberg.

  • Tomtom28

    Non-profit? What a joke. The August end-of-budget-year slush fund buys a lot of stuff for the top administrators. Time to stop this crap.

  • Cyrus Langer

    The photo in the Real Deal is not 240 Mercer Street but 8th Street. Also, you guys ought to look at real estate records more carefully. 240 Mercer Street isn’t faculty housing at all–it’s a graduate student dormitory/apartment including law students.

    • Mark Crispin Miller

      240 Mercer is indeed a Law School dorm, but there are faculty apartments there as well; and Jed Sexton had two of them.