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Landlord bans Brooklyn club from ‘turning’ gay

Owner of Greenpoint bar continues to fight controversial lease
April 20, 2014 01:00PM

 The landlord of a Greenpoint, Brooklyn club refuses to allow its owner to turn it into a gay bar.

Bar owner John McGillion has wanted to convert his bar Lulu’s On 113 Franklin Street into a gay bar, but his lease prohibits him from doing so. In Brooklyn Supreme Court papers filed last week, McGillion said he believes accommodating the local gay and lesbian community would help him see a profit.

McGillion has withheld the rent for months and has been fighting landlord Guard General Merchandise Corp. for more than a year over the issue.

He tried to sell the business before, but claims the deals fell through when the landlord tried to triple the rent for the prospective buyers.

With 10 months left on the lease, McGillion is asking a judge to invalidate the clause in question and to instead extend the deal by two or three years. [NYP] —TRD

  • Sam

    It’s ridiculous that every dispute between a landlord and tenant is becoming a political issue.
    If you read between the lines of the article its all about a landlord not willing to extant the lease at the current rate and a tenant trying to get back at the landlord as long as he has a chance

    • weht to fiduciary duty

      it’s character assassination of the property owner every time now – it’s like automatic nastiness which is pretty weird because the tenants don’t care how they look as they are too focused on how they think they can make the landlord look.

      How come?

      Is THAT profitable somehow? Do you get paid in bitcoin every time another SPONY clutches her chest and can’t walk for several minutes when she realizes who set her up and why?

    • mystified by mcgillion

      Does he think Fredrik Eklund is going to accost the landlord outside her posh home in Long Island with a cricket bat or something?

      What IS that? Obviously he wants total strangers to hate her and her retail space a la Menachem Stark’s posthumous character assassination in the New York Post.

      Why does he think that gay guys and gals are vindictive like that? Is it possible that the landlord correctly believes that a gay bar would have even less of a shot at that location than a straight one?

      What if gay bashers google for places to attack and that location looks perfect because it is so deserted??

  • not a zero sum game

    Why wouldn’t the landlord negotiate on the rent even if it is only slightly more to let the guy go? If someone is willing to pay more, they should split the difference so everyone ends up NOT having a painful anecdote about how they spent the past year of their life. If the market is awesomer, split the money so you can smile at each other when paths cross.

    My parents never got over the many times they were sabotaged financially. To this day, my mother still asks me to confirm that those frat boys really got away with living free for months in our biggest apartment. I know what carrying that act of violence atop of other abuses has done to her and I can’t see why a landlord and tenant would not ignore the lease and just do the nicest thing possible for each other. It does not make any sense financially or emotionally to argue or to sue. You don’t have to give each other money, you don’t have to give them a wall of red and gold paint but there has to be a way where everyone is happy.

    I remember that always because someone described how the different Asian tribes did business when building skyscrapers and the Filipinos wanted everyone to walk away happy. I had never heard that before about Asians and I think that’s a shame.

    And what is the difference in gay and straight bars? It’s still booze, right? Is that … discrimination?

    Can I say I don’t want Hutterites in my establishment?

    Lesbians, feminists and models are the nicest females I have ever met in my life but I doubt there is any money in a lesbian bar. It would be like selling soybeans to China – a beautiful dream but not realistic in the long term.

    • Logic

      I understand that the landlord doesn’t have to but my dad lost more than he won retail-wise. It SUCKED. How about winning a little less so someone else can also not lose? That feeling that neither of you have to carry for the rest of your life – its absence is PRICELESS.

      Otherwise, you are going to have an old lady grousing about frat boys out of the blue every few months. NOT good.

      I am not suggesting Communism. I hate when crazy tenants voluntarily burst out that they would like a “mansion” and money to give up an apartment that they NEVER live in. I hate being spoken to in that way but I totally understand watching everything go down the drain retail-wise.

      At the end of the day, his insults and calling his landlord anti-gay (wonderful – Barilla of slumlords!) are never going to sting as much as knowing that these two parties unncessarily lost money when he should be dolling up his bar so she can rent it out for mas money!

      They could have parted friends.

    • mmm CAKE

      Citizen Cake – is that gay?

      Citizen Cake is a way better idea than a gay bar. It would be a DESTINATION.

  • Anyone? Bueller?

    What’s the Golden Rule?