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Two-thirds of New York City Airbnb rentals flouting law: report

Listings break rule requiring permanent resident to be present at sublets of less than 30 days
April 21, 2014 03:54PM

An overwhelming chunk of New York City’s short-term rentals listings on the website Airbnb are against the law, according to an analysis by state authorities.

A total of 64 percent — or two-thirds — of the site’s nearly 20,000 listings in New York City were for an “entire apartment,” which puts the rentals at odds with a law that requires a “permanent resident” of such units to be present when the properties are sublet for fewer than 30 days, the New York Post reported. More than 200 of those offerings came from only five so-called “hosts,” offering further evidence that the parties were renting out a number of units on behalf of their owners.

“The top five hosts by number of listings had the following number of listings: 80, 35, 31, 29 and 28,” Sumanta Ray, director of research and analysis for the attorney general’s Investor Protection bureau, wrote in an affidavit cited by the Post.

The document is to be filed in court Monday, ahead of a Tuesday court date during which Airbnb plans to contest Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s subpoena for users’ personal data. [NYP] Julie Strickland

  • Just Say NO.

    Honest to God, what if Ted Bundy rents the cot next to you and stabs you in the neck?

    What “host” would spend the night with a total stranger? And you better confiscate your everyday dishes and toothbrush because they could smear poison all over ’em exactly like the Japanese invaders would do to the kitchenware found in abandoned Chinese hamlets so that the returned “peasants” would still get a taste of Japanese tourism in their midst.

    What if they sneeze hepatitus all over your soft furnishings?

    Do you like scabies?

    How would you prove that they were responsible? If they commit a crime on the premises, can you be sued as well? Why not? Maybe you’re just pretending to not know one another.

  • why do birds suddenly appear

    What if your stalker recognizes your apartment photos and just rents to get close to you?

    What if your slumlord recognizes your apartment photos and rents just to put your profiteering on blast?

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    • ’nuff said

      what if it is simply illegal to sublet your apartment for under 30 days and without the landlord’s permission?

      • its that IPO

        Airbnb argues that by claiming that they and their profiteering hosts are helping tourism in NYC implying that if you’re landlord objects, they hate New York and don’t want some Kansas City sweetheart to be able to see the Bright Lights for himself.

        Airbnb fears not the law on sublets and profiteering as evidenced by their responses but they do super mind when they get caught renting to freaks otherwise they wouldn’t bend over backwards to put the hosts in super plush temporary accommodations while their abodes are being … not sanitized … not cleaned … responded to.