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Chinese firm building 1,000-unit site in Jersey City

Development holding rentals, condos and hotel rooms projected to cost $450M
May 02, 2014 10:05AM

China Construction America has revealed the design for a new two-tower, 1,000-unit project in Jersey City, on a waterfront site it purchased for $70 million last year.

The complex at 99 Hudson Street would hold rental apartments, high-end condominiums, a hotel and retail. The development will cost $450 million and is projected to create roughly 2,000 construction jobs through 2019, when it will likely be complete. Architect Alex Stark was hired to design the buildings.

CCA, which established a real estate development arm called Dynasty Capital last year to invest in the greater New York area, also has operations in the Bahamas and South Carolina. [NY Yimby]Mark Maurer

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