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Brooklyn Bridge Park affordable housing plan ruffles feathers

Neighbors unhappy with proposal that provides little public money for park operations
May 09, 2014 02:45PM

Brooklyn Bridge Park neighbors are up in arms over a proposal to build a 16-story, 140-unit residential building within the park. The development, which may be used for affordable housing, would be built on one of five designated sites within the park’s interior that were set aside for construction of market-rate apartments that would help pay for park operations.

The proposed development would provide little to no subsidy for use toward the park. Some Residents Told The Wall Street Journal they think the building is superfluous and serves the needs of private housing, rather than those of public park land. Meanwhile, representatives of the Brooklyn Bridge Park Corp., a not-for-profit controlled by mayoral appointees that runs the park, told the Journal the area would benefit from a mixed income community that is a better representation of Brooklyn.

Mayor Bill de Blasio has expressed support for a compromise that would provide affordable housing as well as money toward park operations.

Three of the five sites are being developed in the park, including a 108-unit luxury condominium that has set sales-price records for the area. But Regina Myer, president of the Brooklyn Bridge Park Corp., said that revenue from the two remaining sites is necessary to run the park.

No decisions have been made on the location of the development, or the number of affordable housing units that would be included in the plan. [WSJ]Sasha von Oldershausen

  • can’t believe

    How is building higher in a park “a compromise”? ‘Cause skyscrapers and their long shadows looming over playgrounds is a compromise? The PARK VISITORs represent Brooklyn. How are the park visitors the LEAST important group here?? per de blasio?

    And since when does a private corporation care about a “mixed income community”? They just want to build more, so they have more lucrative contracts to award to their developer friends.

    Provide affordable housing to.. what 100 people? And degrade and devalue the green park experience for the millions of people who must visit the park annually?How is that the best thing for “community”? This mayor can’t think big picture.

    — quote from article —
    “Mayor Bill de Blasio has expressed support for a compromise that would provide affordable housing as well as money toward park operations.”

  • judifrancis

    Private housing, whether luxury or affordable, does not belong inside the borders of a public park. All parks are protected from privatization and no new housing has ever been build inside of a public park, except this one – why? They never designated it a park in the first place! Brooklynites have been scammed by their politicians. There were sufficient funds to build and maintain this as a park without housing. But the Real Estate Board of New York matters more to our pols than pools, fields and ice skating rinks for our kids. Remember this the next time you go to vote.

  • The “Lucky” Few…

    We need also some more affordable housing on Fifth Avenue & 72nd Street with a Park view too! Go figure?

  • Littlest-bird

    Please consider signing the petition with 3,000 over park lovers so far!