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Nooklyn broker snags $15,000 in discrimination suit

Settlement follows employer case accusing agent of uploading racy pics to company servers
May 09, 2014 03:10PM

Stephanie Gribbin, a former broker with Nooklyn real estate, will receive $15,000 in damages from her ex-employer for alleged discrimination after she was fired for allegedly uploading nude photos to company servers.

The company’s owners initially slapped Gribbin with a $300,000 lawsuit last year after she was accused of posting nude pics at work and then pilfering the company’s exclusive listings following her dismissal, according to Brooklyn Federal Court filings cited by the New York Post. But Gribbin countered that the photos in question were tasteful art shots not intended for public consumption, and said her employers trumped up the charges after illegally terminating her because she became pregnant.

The two sides fought it out in court, with Gribbin representing herself. She agreed to accept $15,000 in damages from the firm, and declined to comment to the Post, citing her agreement with Nooklyn. She has since launched her own real estate consulting firm, according to the Post. [NYP]Julie Strickland

  • alex

    who the hell names a company Nooklyn? and who in their right mind works there!

    • musashi

      Don’t hate brah. Everyone deserve to choose a name for their business even when it suc#s.

    • say wha?

      it’s supposed to be a decent firm actually. I’ve walked by the office and it looks interesting.

  • grubbingribbin

    real estate consulting firm……ha.
    what kind of an idiot loads pictures of themselves on a work computer to begin with? it’s a work computer, not your personal laptop

    • noclist

      Where r the pictures? I need to see how offensive they were.

  • richard

    The new firm’s name is “nudeGribbins”. Her two sister and three cousins are working there too. They, including the former employer, all like their business starting with an “N”.