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Two Trees tenants complain of moldy living conditions

The residents of 125 Court Street in Downtown Brooklyn are asking the city to intervene
May 18, 2014 11:00AM

 Tenants of Two Trees’ Court House Apartments are accusing the developer of moldy and dangerous conditions in the building. The tenants are now asking the city to intervene and force Two Trees to improve their living conditions before allowing work to start on the Domino Sugar Factory conversation.

The building, located 125 Court Street in Downtown Brooklyn, contains 321 affordable and rent-stabilized units. Residents told the New York Post of split and buckling floors full of mold, and of a broken elevator that often traps people — including a visiting Post reporter.

However, Two Trees claims that tenants refuse to let repair people into their apartments and are merely looking to attract bad press.

“We strive to provide excellent service to every resident . . . but these isolated tenants, who have not paid rent in two years, have made that impossible by barring access to their apartment for maintenance,” Dave Lombino of Two Trees Management said. “This incident is in no way reflective of conditions in the building.”

But tenants also claim that the developer is illegally raising rents in the building. One tenant saw his supposedly rent-stabilized two-bedroom go from $3,900 to $6,600 a month over four years.

And in 2012, tenants filed a class-action suit in Brooklyn Supreme Court against Two Trees, claiming that the company is violating Department of Housing Preservation and Development rent regulations. [NYP]Christopher Cameron

  • accountability sb two way

    Mold doesn’t just happen. What if rent regulated tenants play games with water? If mold conditions result afterwards, will the tenant advocates hold these tenants responsible for sabotaging conditions in the building?

  • Patel8963

    I lived in this building for three years in one of the non rent stabalized units. I personally had a mold and water leaking issue continuously throughout my time there. The management didn’t seem to care and offered no consolation. Finally after years of poor building maitenance I moved out. Many of my personal belongings became damaged due to leaks. I also had severe allergies while living there, once I moved out they seemed to disapper. I later deduced that this was due to the mold that the maintenance works just painted over and didn’t properly remove.

    Two Trees needs to own up to their mistakes and address these major issues.

  • JohnEod

    i live in one of their buildings – Mercedes House – which was slapped together so fast they forgot to put insulation in the walls – AND – had water POURING through the sheet rock of my ceiling several times – after all, we found out they never sealed off the ceiling and the overflow something or other from the upstairs bath tub was leaking into my kitchen, food, floor, electrical appliances, lights — this group must be a total disaster. We are breaking our lease and taking a huge loss to get away from these people. AVOID the flashy new ones, I really should have paid heed to the yelpers in this case.