Designer looking to open glamorous Rockaways tent camp

Project to include luxury lean-to's with queen-size beds, bath houses
May 20, 2014 02:30PM

Camping in the Rockaways is set to go slightly more upscale.

Designer Kent Johnson is fundraising to start a tent camp in the Rockaways that will be as luxurious as an actual hotel, DNAinfo reports.

For the area, it’s a blast from the past. With the new project, Johnson harkens back to the “tent cities” that popped up in Rockaway in the early twentieth century, used by beachgoers who couldn’t afford to rent a summer home or a room in an expensive hotel.

Johson is looking to create a rustic, full-service space for beach goers, including sturdy tents otherwise used for hunters. Campers will be able to enjoy bath houses with toilets and showers, and sleep in a queen-size bed. The designer is fundraising through Kickstarter.

“Bring your surfboard, bring your bike, bring your boogie board — but everything else we’ll have set,” Johnson told DNAinfo.

The exact location of “Camp Rockaway” is still unclear, but it can be put anywhere, Johnson said. He told DNAinfo that he is planning to open the camping location by Memorial Day 2015. [DNAinfo] – Claire Moses