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NYC’s water and sewer rate hike lowest in nine years

Still, critics say Mayor Bill de Blasio reneged on campaign promise to end payments
May 23, 2014 05:50PM

While the lowest increase in nine years, at 3.35 percent, the city’s new water and sewer rates still exceed the rate of inflation, rankling landlords and tenants.

Critics maintain the payments are a hidden tax, claiming that Mayor Bill de Blasio reneged on a campaign promise to end the payments that get added onto New Yorkers’ water bills. The money go into the city’s general fund, rather than being earmarked for the maintenance of the city’s water infrastructure.

The city’s Water Board approved the hike, which will give a break to the approximately 25 percent of New York City’s households that use the least amount of water by freezing their bills.

The Water Board pays the city annual rent for use of its infrastructure. This year, the board’s payment has been estimated at $195 million. The money goes into the the city’s general fund, Crain’s reported. [Crain’s] – Claire Moses