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Chelsea affordable housing lot may give way to mini-park

Relocation of planned building would free up location
May 29, 2014 10:35AM

A new park could be coming to Chelsea.

According to DNAinfo, the city is thinking about moving a planned affordable housing complex on West 20th Street to another location. The potential relocation could open up the space to build the small park, which is a long time wish within the community, according to the news site.

The city-owned lot at 136 West 20th Street measures 10,000 square feet and was once used by the Sanitation Department.

More than 4,000 people have signed a petition asking the city to build a park on the lot, according to DNAinfo. Advocates argue that a new park would provide green space that Chelsea currently lacks. [DNAinfo] – Claire Moses

  • SunnyD

    This is infuriating. These complainers moved there, knowing there wasn’t a park on the block. Now, because they have popped out a couple of kids, the city should change course in order to accommodate them. The footprint of one building will hardly provide much of a park. And, I call b.s. on this ever becoming “a gathering place for people of all backgrounds and all walks of life.” It will just be a dinky, little playground, that you cannot enter without toddlers in tow. Affordable housing is a dire need, that should be integrated within all sectors of the city. There are existing parks in Chelsea.

  • developer

    If developers are going to be required to build affordable and the city is going to be incredibly difficult regarding approvals and bargaining affordable housing to gain approvals, it should only be fair that the city not back out of their own ability to build affordable housing. If the city doesn’t have to, neither should I!

  • Allen Carter

    A win-win that results in more affordable housing a needed new park is rare and worth fighting for. Nice to see our electeds working with the community on finding a solution. A public park would be a wonderful benefit for everyone in this neighborhood.