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Trump got big concessions in Bronx golf course deal

Other golf course operators in the city did not receive similar breaks
May 30, 2014 11:48AM

Donald Trump received several concessions on the $236 million golf course his firm is building in the Bronx, according to a review of Parks Department golf contracts from the New York Daily News.

The 18-hole course at Ferry Point Park — called Trump National —  is expected to open next spring.  Trump was selected to develop the course by then-Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s administration in 2012.

According to the Daily News, Trump’s deal with that administration included no concession fees for a four-year period, very low revenue-sharing with the city, and millions of gallons of free water each year. Other golf course operators in the city were not granted similar breaks, the Daily News reported. The deal for Trump National also came with a five-year delay for the developer to construct a $10 million clubhouse on the site.

Trump National aims to charge visitors $125 in greens fees per person. In contrast,  nearly all of the 13 public golf courses in the cities charge $48 per person for weekend rounds, the New York Daily News reported.

The course’s projected cost of $236 million to complete is more than 10 times the original estimate when construction began in 2000, as previously reported. [NYDN]Mark Maurer

  • rr3

    Who the fukc would want to golf in the bronx

    • Me

      You obviously have no clue wtf your saying. This is a nice area of the Bronx. A lot of great water front property on the li sound. Granted the course is where it turns into the east river

    • realposter

      that’s an ignorant statement…. The Bronx has the most golf courses of any borough… and they are full on weekends in nice weather. In fact – the oldest municipal golf course in the country is in The Bronx. It amazes me how ignorant ppl are.

  • nancy

    Typically disgusting
    The ego maniac claiming to be very wealthy cries like the rest of those tea people about big government but yet that too they take money from

    • realposter

      so what would you prefer? let the property remain a garbage dump? the city doesn’t know how to run a luxury golf course (or any golf course) – which is what was built – in order to attract a major championship (which would benefit the city). It was an open bid and Trump was selected…. Probably off the strength off what he did at Wollman’s Rink.

  • realposter

    “Real Deal” c’mon… you all should do better than going by the reporting of the Daily News (especially that particular columnist). The golf course itself didn’t cost 236 million. That is the cost of cleaning up the site and making it usable (for any purpose)… as well as construction on other parts of the public park not related to the course.

    Also – the name is Trump Golf Links at Ferry Point – I believe.

  • Snarkfarkle

    @ nancy – Liberals are so sickeningly jealous! Clearly, you whiners think it would be better to leave the land a festering body dump than to clean it up and turn it into a beautiful asset that will benefit the city. I suggest you stop sniveling, go and buy yourself a set of golf clubs (very reasonably priced in many, many places) and get out and enjoy this beautiful piece of land, get some exercise, and maybe even get some fresh air to what’s left of your stagnant brain. Who knows … you might actually have a good time and maybe even (heaven forbid!) smile!