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New ER to open in the West Village this summer

The Lenox Hill HealthPlex will replace the old St. Vincent's Hospital ER
June 15, 2014 02:00PM

 West Village residents haven’t had a local emergency room since St. Vincent’s Hospital closed in 2010. But now, a new ER is opening between 12th and 13th Streets, across the street from the old hospital.

Lenox Hill HealthPlex will be a 24-hour emergency care center, and is slated to open this summer after final approvals and inspections are completed, according to NY1.

“The Lenox Hill HealthPlex is a complete full service emergency department. That means that any service that you might expect to receive at a usual emergency department that’s on the ground floor of a hospital, we’ll have the same services available. So you could walk in with a stubbed toe or a heart attack, and we have what’s necessary to take care of you,” said Lenox Hill HealthPlex Medical Director Dr. Eric Cruzen.

However, the ER is not inside a full service hospital, meaning that patients will be transported by ambulance if they require further treatment.

“If you have appendicitis, while the emergency department will stabilize you, you have to have your appendix removed, and that has to happen in an operating room. So in a situation like that, an emergency department in another hospital would send you up an elevator to the operating room, we would just send you in an ambulance to the operating room at the hospital of your choice,” Dr. Eric Cruzen added. [NY1]Christopher Cameron