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Trump weighs in on Central Park Five settlement

The real estate and reality TV mogul called the $40M deal a “disgrace”
June 21, 2014 03:00PM

 Twelve years after the convictions of the Central Park Five were vacated, following a confession and DNA evidence from Matias Reyes in the infamous rape case, the city is settling for $40 million. And in true Trump fashion, the Donald is weighing in.

In an editorial in the New York Daily News, Trump denounced the settlement with the five men wrongly accused of the attack, writing that, “My opinion on the settlement of the Central Park Jogger case is that it’s a disgrace.”

“Forty million dollars is a lot of money for the taxpayers of New York to pay when we are already the highest taxed city and state in the country,” Trump wrote. “The recipients must be laughing out loud at the stupidity of the city.”

Trump argues that regardless of whether they committed the crime, “these young men do not exactly have the pasts of angels.”

“As citizens and taxpayers, we deserve better than this,” quoth Trump. [NYDN]Christopher Cameron


    Donald Trump, Get out of our city you racist, buffoonish, pig of a man. These men were INNOCENT and you wanted them dead for a crime they did not commit. STFU! You are an embarrassment to humanity. No amount of money can make up for what they have lost. Most New Yorkers however, would love to see YOU in jail.

    • Musashi

      Don’t pay no mind to the Trump brahhh. He is just an attention hun. He is one of those that has money, but desperately needs to be at the center of attention. lol. No one is thinking of you any longer D Trump. No one cares. What a punk!

  • Scott Elyanow

    Donald Trump is an absolute embarrassment to New York City. He’s a disgrace and this city would be better served without him. The media should stop giving him a platform to spew his hateful nonsense. This city stole the life out of these young men and they deserve significant compensation. Trump will never understand the lives of those less fortunate and he needs to recognize that this city is built on the backs of the everyday man and not on the backs of the über wealthy. NYC is great because of it’s 8 million citizens not because of racist and disgusting megalomaniacs just looking for another media outlet to spew his hate and insensitivity. I feel sick every time I see his name and the fact that he works in the same industry.

  • irock

    His kids must be so embarrassed. Javanka, cant you send him to Boca already?

  • highschoolsearch

    Trump is a pig. Take that squirrel off your head Donald…you look like a fool. May the good lord give you cancer because you are a cancer on society.