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Dixon Advisory makes string of record Brooklyn buys: report

$2.3M purchase of Bed-Stuy townhouse latest purchase by Australian firm
June 25, 2014 02:00PM

Australian financial services firm Dixon Advisory’s purchase last week of a $2.3 million Bedford-Stuyvesant townhouse was one of a string of deals that set records in their respective Brooklyn neighborhoods, according to a published account.

The 16-foot-wide Bed-Stuy property at 22 Arlington Place had received a high-end renovation. Dixon also bought a house at 196 Hancock Street for $2.1 million from a seller who had listed it three days after paying $1.2 million for it. Earlier in the month, the firm bought a house at 698 St. Marks Avenue in Crown Heights for $1.5 million. These all set neighborhood records, according to Brownstoner.

The firm, which has a Jersey City, N.J., office, owns about 535 one- to four-family houses in the greater New York area. [Brownstoner]Mark Maurer

  • Jamie Lannister

    Their strategy defies logic. I can understand acquiring pools of distressed single family or small multi for a low basis. They typically pick them up one at a time.They pay way beyond market norms. We exclude their purchases as comps because they make absolutely no sense.

  • Gabriel

    They have been buying now for a few years and have had great success. All those people that didn’t buy will have nothing to buy and if they do find something it will cost them more then 2M. They are focusing on certain areas were the inventory will be limited or they will buy everything until they own all properties.

    • no-permits

      define “great success” for me. he has yet to yield a profit to his investors. it will be many, many years before he does. he’s selling one place at a loss – this is just a sign of whats to come for his investors.

      • no-permits

        the thing i don’t like about dixon is that in his videos he makes it sound like he’s outsmarting us americans. he’s nothing but a chump playing with other peoples money. he has no strategy.