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Multiple Mets share the same home (base)

Baseball stars aim to minimize living costs
July 07, 2014 05:15PM

Looking for a roommate can be tough in New York, unless you’re a Met.

One particular rental on Manhattan’s Upper East Side has served as home base for a number of past-and-present players on the Queens-based team, the Wall Street Journal reported. A far cry from Yankee outfielder Carlos Beltran’s $4.48 million home on Long Island or A-Rod’s former $30,000-per-month rental at 15 Central Park West, a number of Mets have shared the apartment in an effort to keep costs down while they frequently change cities, according to the newspaper.

At the beginning of the season, former Mets players Ike Davis (now at the Pittsburgh Pirates) and Josh Satin (now at the Mets’ Triple A affiliate in Las Vegas) shared the home. And while both have since moved out of the Upper East Side apartment, the residence has served as a home base for three other Mets since.

Jacob deGrom and Eric Campbell currently live at the apartment, although their names are not on the lease. Kirk Nieuwenhuis lived at the apartment earlier in the season, the Journal reported.

Since looking for apartments and roommates can be stressful, players are reportedly all too happy to move into a place with fellow players.

When players are being traded, teams are required to pay “the reasonable and actual rental payments for living quarters in the city from which he is transferred,” according to Article VIII of baseball’s collective-bargaining agreement. Satin, however, said it was easier for him to find an apartment by himself because keeping the lease gave him more options and flexibility. [WSJ] — Claire Moses