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The Wrap: Navigating New York murals, what happens if you sabotage your landlord … and more

July 16, 2014 09:30AM

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8. Martino Stierli named new architecture and design curator at MoMa [WSJ]

— Claire Moses

  • service providers incl lawyers

    says Himmelstein, “if one person goes out of their way to harm the ability of another person to conduct business, enter into a contract, and make money–and their intent is purely to harm the other person–they can be held responsible for damages. ”

    service providers including lawyers are doing this all the time

    too bad Consumer Affairs is not something that people can resort to for resolution because litigation is really unfair to landlords when tenants get free legal representation and food stamps because most of their income is off the books

    New York has become so fearful about tenants that its automatically acceptable to allow scapegoating and public defamation of landlords and no one questions the backgrounds and characters of anyone who is officially a tenant in NYC. At least San Francisco is going after people without being blocked by claims of racism because San Francisco already has more than the percentage of the squeakiest wheels in public office – they can no longer claim that they are denied access.

  • How do you prove intent though

    Deniability – I mean I can see tenants claimiing that – its better to not sue but to always remember how lousy they were – not to badmouth them – but if they ever become famous, you’ll have the memos, the taped phone conversations, the bounced rent checks and the ignored suggestion to make amends on file.