Rally held to halt development on site of community center

Builder Harry Einhorn bought Williamsburg property for $4.5M
July 16, 2014 11:25AM

Seniors and children joined together on Tuesday to fight for the survival of a Williamsburg community center.

In November, developer Harry Einhorn bought the building for $4.5 million. The Small World Day Care Center and a senior center are located at the facility. Einhorn offered the senior center a one-year lease at $40,000 a month, which comes down to an rental increase of about 20 percent.

The seniors and families of children who use the center are asking the de Blasio administration to pay the $10 million asking price. Former City Council member — and current Brooklyn Deputy Borough President Diana Reyna called the price “outrageous.” She said she was optimistic about the mayor’s office efforts to get a better deal on the property.

As of yet, the future of the programs in the building remains unclear. [NYDN]Claire Moses