The Real Deal New York

Brokerage manual reveals tricks of the trade in NYC

One pithy tip from the guide: Engage clients in small talk, such as "Do you like the sun?"
July 23, 2014 10:00AM

When is it appropriate for a broker to date a potential tenant? According to a real estate manual from an unnamed brokerage, not until “after we rent them and collect the broker’s fee.”

The Guardian got its hands on that manual for real estate agents in New York City after it was left in one reporter’s apartment. Other advice includes: always get the client into the office and never show an apartment to a husband without his wife.

If something is above a client’s price range? Don’t worry because the manual has an answer.

“Think out of bounds; if their budget is $3,100, show an apartment for $3,500,” the manual states.

And of course size doesn’t matter for brokers. If a client says an apartment is too small, the brokers are instructed, per the manual, to say: “all apartments are basically four walls” or “most people are not going to be home that much to begin with.”

As far as winning a client’s trust, the manual has something to say about that too: small talk. “Get the client involved by asking them questions,” the manual reads. “For example: ‘Do you like the sun?’ Of course they’ll say yes. Who doesn’t like it?” [Guardian] — Claire Moses