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AG to investigate landlord’s alleged campaign of intimidation

Tenants say Manhattan landlord Steven Croman has hired an ex-cop to bully them from the building
July 26, 2014 03:00PM

 State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is investigating allegedly illegal tactics used by Manhattan landlord Steven Croman to force out rent stabilized tenants. 

Croman owns 100 mostly residential buildings across Manhattan, and has become somewhat of a noted philanthropist, raising money for institutions like the 92nd Street Y, according to the New York Daily News.

But this week Schneiderman slapped a “cease and desist” order on one of Croman’s ex-cop employees, Anthony Falconite. Tenants say Falconite is using harassment and intimidation techniques to try and drive them out of their homes.

Meanwhile, tenants say that Croman regularly files frivolous lawsuits against residents and refuses to make repairs. In one recent July 4th incident, the heat was turned to max in a rent stabilized apartment causing steam to pour out of the apartment and damaging the resident’s personal belongings.

“While we cannot comment on potential or ongoing investigations, the attorney general is committed to ensuring that no one — no matter how rich or well connected — is above the law,” Schneiderman’s spokeswoman, Melissa Grace said. “We are prepared to take action against landlords who use illegal tactics to force rent-regulated tenants out of their homes to raise rents.” [NYDN] Christopher Cameron

  • Croman is a SLUMlord

    Steven Croman and his company 9300 are the scummiest of the summiest landlords out there. Beware – don’t ever rent from them!

    • Dave

      Couldn’t agree with you more ^. I am a high-paying tenant and feel extremely taken advantage of. I have been living in a building under renovations for the past 8 months (when they said it was going to be completed in 3 months MAX). This is just one of the many issues we face with this company. Also, good luck ever getting ahold of anyone who works there. BUYER BEWARE!

  • Olly

    Thank you Eric Schneiderman. Finally someone who is forcing Croman to obey the law. If you collect on all the fines he owes the city, you will have extra funds for the city.

  • Brandon

    Someone should go harass Mr. Falconite at his home on 88 Hecker Street Staten Island NY 10307 and see how he likes it when people intimidate and terrorize him!