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Street vendors battle for prime real estate

Recent construction at the Met has led to an all out food fight
July 27, 2014 05:00PM

 Street food vendors are gearing up for a massive fight over prime real estate outside the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Vendors consider the area to be one of the most profitable spots in New York City, but recent construction on The Plaza has created limited space, and cart owners are having an all out food fight over the coveted space, according to CBS 2. Some are even camping out on the sight.

“These are vagrants. When they come out here and camp out, 15 men sleeping in a huddle, that’s vagrancy,” street vendor, Dan Rossi said

Other street vendors outside the Met are complaining that they are becoming the target of policy and health inspector harassment.

“You can go to the parks, they don’t bother you like this. It’s just because you’re on 5th Avenue and 82nd Street, that’s the real reason,” street vendor Paul Alba told CBS 2. [CBS 2]Christopher Cameron