Wolkoffs unveil updated 5Pointz development renderings

Crane Street building to be constructed of beige stone with glassy corners
July 31, 2014 10:10AM

New renderings are out for David and Jerry Wolkoff’s two towers at the 5Pointz site in Queens.

The images from HTO Architect and published first by New York YIMBY offer more detail than a rendering released last week. The building will be constructed of beige stone with glassy corners on Crane Street, HTO told the website. The glass crowns at the top of the towers will accommodate penthouses.

Wolkoff’s plans for the site call for 1,000 apartment units spread between two towers, one which will stretch 47 stories and another that will total 41 stories. He has agreed to include 210 affordable units as part of the development, and has promised about 20 artists studios totaling roughly 12,000 square feet. The north tower’s glass base will contain retail space, and the south tower’s podium will be home to all of the development’s amenities, according to the site.

Demolition of the existing building, once a haven for the city’s graffiti artists, is slated for completion in October. [NY YIMBY]Tom DiChristopher