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Battle over chain stores in East Hampton heats up

A resolution before the town board would make "formula stores" face public hearings
August 01, 2014 01:00PM

After years of unrest among some locals in East Hampton, the movement to limit chain stores in the hamlet is gathering momentum.

The town’s five-member board will discuss a resolution next week to require “formula stores” to obtain a special permit and go through a public hearing process before setting up shop, the New York Times reported. The resolution defines a formula store as a retailer with 15 U.S. locations that sell the same merchandise.

The movement began in earnest after a 7-Eleven arrived in Montauk four years ago, though some critics pointed to the arrival of luxury retailers in East Hampton Village over the last few decades, according to the newspaper. Some in the anti-chain store set say those retailers are for rich visitors, while others think the loss of the town’s quaint, mom-and-pop character could actually hurt the vacation industry.

Critics of the resolution include landlords, who do not want to deal with additional layers of bureaucracy when renting out their shops, the Times reported. [NYT]Tom DiChristopher


    7-11 should be no, because its a ghetto store. But we need things like Theory for when you live there, and get invited to a nice party or need something new to wear around, without having to back into NYC or deal with these moron mom and pops who cant pick out normal stuff to keep in stock.

    • WannaBeLandlord

      Think of your contractor, landscaper, pool boy, that would like to buy an orange juice without going to Eli Zabars and spending $8.