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Two Bedford Avenue sites hit the market asking over $40M

Sites offer up unusually wide frontage in prime Williamsburg shopping spot
August 05, 2014 05:35PM

Two Williamsburg properties near the Bedford Avenue L train are up for grabs for a combined $40 million.

The first site, located at 184-186 Bedford Avenue between North Sixth and North Seventh streets is currently home to bar and music venue Spike Hall Music, and is asking $19.5 million. A second property a block south at 204-206 Bedford Avenue, home to a Thai restaurant, deli and women’s clothing store, has a price tag of $23 million.

The two properties are being marketed by Massey Knakal’s Mark Lively, who tells Crain’s that the shops offer up unusually wide frontage along the avenue. The spot at 184-186 Bedford has a 40-foot frontage, while the second has 50 feet. That’s in comparison to the 25-foot frontage most common along the avenue.

“With this kind of frontage, you can attract a wider variety of retailers,” Lively told Crain’s.

The asking prices on the two sites works out to roughly $3,000 per build able square foot — a cost that has nearly tripled since 2008, according to Crain’s. The bidding process on the properties is slated to end Aug. 26. [Crain’s]Julie Strickland

  • Crian Bashman

    More chains for Bedford…

    • RealEstateLover2000


  • #peak

    Mark, next time you evaluate a property lay off the crack pipe

  • Brooklynrealty

    How much was the Salvation Army lot at the corner of N 7th?

  • Tom

    $3,000/sf? Why not ask $5,000,000/sf?

    • RealEstateLover2000

      You think a million’s cool? How about a billion.

      • Tom

        Makes me think of this scene from the big lebowki, with my little re-make:

        Seller of above property: Hey man, are you gonna find these guys? Or, you know uh, I mean, do you got any promising uh, uh, leads?
        (this is the seller asking massey if they have any buyers yet at $3,000/sf)

        Mark Lively: Leads, yeah sure. I’ll uh, just check with the boys down at the Crime Lab. They uh, got uh, four more detectives working on the case. They’ve got us working in shifts. (yeah we have the whole team marketing this property, we are working shifts to find buyers)

        Mark Lively: Leads! ($3,000/sf!)

        Mark Lively: Wooo…Leads! (woooo $3,000 buildable SF!)

  • Dan

    Its a joke that this is even article-worthy. Anyone can ASK whatever they want for their property. Make it a story when it actually sells. Massey is a joke of a firm for taking this listing

  • JG

    LOLZZZZZZZ…….. Classic Massey. Tell an owner whatever they want to hear and buy a listing, throw it up on their website, and hope they can beat down the seller to meet the market….. Pathetic. Firms becoming a laughing stock in the market.

  • Mike Kennedy

    Throw Up a giant Storm and Catch the runoff is the way developers think.
    Little David Faber (about5ft2in tall) talks about his concerns of over supply of luxury
    units. Possibly David could work for one week as a laborer to understand that his
    praying to a Picture of Saul Steinberg is not going to make him Cramer!