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Miron Properties departures continue as two more exit

Loss of leasing director, sales manager said to be part of brokerage's larger plan to restructure
By Mark Maurer | August 06, 2014 02:45PM

On the heels of the exits of two executives at real estate brokerage Miron Properties, two more have left to form their own company, The Real Deal has learned.

Ricardo Harrison and Mario “Dragos” Popovici left the East Village-based firm earlier this week. Harrison had just been promoted as the firm’s new director of leasing to replace Jason Fien, who left in July. Popovici served as sales manager at Miron since February 2013.

The duo plans to launch a new brokerage Fame Business Solutions, with Popovici serving as CEO and Harrison as vice president, according to their LinkedIn profiles.

Jeffrey Schleider, founder and managing director at Miron, said he set codes of conduct that he claims Popovici did not obey and left as a result. He said, as with the exits of Fien and Gary Posylkin, this is part of a larger process to make changes and “take the company to the next level.”

Sources close to the events said Harrison quit in solidarity with Popovici.

Harrison could not be immediately reached, while Popovici declined to comment.

Miron is in talks with two people to fill both positions. In the interim, Schleider has been handling sales for the Manhattan office.

Fien and Posylkin, who rose from agent status in 2011 to management positions, were “pushed out” of the firm, according to sources inside the brokerage.

Both Fien and Posylkin, however, told The Real Deal last month their exits were amicable. Posylkin acted as Miron’s director of operations until leaving in January to form a brokerage called UpNEXT Real Estate. Fien returned to being an agent, at the brokerage Team Gotham.

Miron expanded to four total offices and a team of 100 agents since launching in 2009.

  • JDF

    The Real Deal should get their facts straight. Jeff looks like a real ass in this article.

    • PAM

      Seems so. The common denominator is management is jumping ship. Perhaps it’s an issue with the owner. How does the exit of four managers in such a short time move a company to “the next level?”

  • Real Estate pro

    Actually it’s 6 managers who jumped a sinking ship within less than a one year!

  • RMS

    Some of these comments sound a lot like bitter former employees… I’ve worked with Jeff for years and he’s one of the sharpest guys on the brokerage side of the industry. Don’t know the details here, but sometimes you’ve got to clean house.

  • John

    Karma is a bitch.

  • Tina

    That is what happens when your business is based off of newbies from real estate school, with managers and owners who have no idea what they are doing.

  • David

    If it were my money, I’d bet on Miron over “Fame Business Solutions” and their kind every day of the week. The fact of the matter is this company grew faster than any other independent firm in the industry has in the past two decades, which means people who don’t scale need to be removed. To say these guys left on their own is absurd and it’s a shame the Real Deal gave them a forum to spin it this way.