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East Hampton Town buys historic land

The board agreed to $9.6 million for the Gardiner property
August 10, 2014 10:00AM

The East Hampton Town Board has agreed to purchase the Gardiner property on James Lane in East Hampton for $9.6 million. The land will be added to the town’s 2014 land management and stewardship plan.

The 3.67-acre property is currently owned by Lion Gardiner’s descendant Olney Mairs Gardiner and has been in the Gardiner family since its settlement in the 1600s, according to 27 East. Gardiner was one of the principal founders of East Hampton Town.

The parcel backs up onto a 1.3-acre agricultural reserve owned by the village.

“This would be a total of five acres of open space,” East Hampton Village’s Historic Preservation Adviser Robert Hefner said. [27 East] – Christopher Cameron [27 East]Christopher Cameron