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Top Warburg broker cops to stealing $1,600 in clothes from Saks

Kate Meckler snatched a bag, jeans and a jacket
August 12, 2014 11:36AM

Warburg Realty broker Kate Meckler plead guilty on Monday in Manhattan Criminal Court to stealing $2,000 in Clothes From Saks Fifth Avenue.

Meckler admitted to stuffing the clothes — a top, a pair of jeans and a jacket for a total of $1,644 — into her designer bag last April.

The Warburg star has brokered big deals, such as Rachel Uchitel’s $1.95 Million Park Avenue co-op — following the Tiger Woods scandal — as well as Donny Deutsch’s purchase of a $21 million townhouse.

Meckler, 39, entered into a plea deal, which includes five days of community service at a soup kitchen.

“Kate has pled guilty today to disorderly conduct and she looks forward to moving on with her life and career,” Meckler’s defense attorney, Adam Miller, told the New York Post. [NYP] — Claire Moses

  • Jonathan Arnold


  • Eyebrow Guy

    A Higher Standard Since 1896

    • Slapintheface

      Unlike most of the misspelled, grammatically incorrect and incoherent garbage that people post in The Real Deal comment section, Tyrannosaurus Rex actually makes a very witty comment. Kudos, you made me laugh.

    • art


  • LetTheTruthBeTold

    This is what happens when you cut your commissions, people.

  • Jonathan Lerner

    How sad to hear news like this… Kleptomania is a disease and if that is Kate’s issue, I hope she is able to find help! Leave Warburg out of the story nothing to do with them

    • Guest

      When it’s a well off person its kleptomania and needs treatment. When its anyone else without money its stealing and deserves jail time. Interesting how that works.

      • Guest

        And you think that losing ones reputation and appearing in newspapers is getting off Scott free. Why turn this into a social economic discussion the reason for stealing varies but noatter what it’s wrong weather it’s a poor person or someone of means

        • Jesse


        • barkomatic

          She is probably embarrassed but the media coverage of this event is limited. So far, the consequences of her actions have been far less than the typical person in this situation.

      • CodeRed

        Yeah sad but true.

    • The Dude

      Officially designated disease or not, the real question is whether a kleptomaniac should be entrusted with the keys to one’s home!

  • art

    I take it Warburg fired her as this a problem with her character…stealing, lying etc.
    Let’s see which firm hires her nxt but probably DE as they hire anyone that’s in the press.

    • Broker Bob


    • tom

      Actually, just read on the Gothamist that the owner Fred Peters of Warburg
      stated he has “CONFIDENCE” in her and that he values her association with the firm??????? WHAT!? He sounds like your typical broker BS…what a schmuck…confidence, value AND that she steals and is a liar.
      Just because she is a top producer does not mean it’s right.
      If she wasn’t I guess they would terminate her association.
      Go FIGURE!
      Hmmm…I guess these are traits of an exceptional high producing agent in real estate.
      Here that newbies to the industry?

    • Luca

      Her profile and Bio are no longer on Warburg’s website so I assume she is no longer working there. I hope she gets the help she needs. Obviously something very wrong with this picture.

  • Jude

    Cuz she’s white, rich, daddy is a CEO and a top producing agent and a good attorney that money bought that verdict!
    That’s why!

    • Jesse

      Don’t believe everything you read. The my post loves to knock people down and paint them like pieces of shit. Have you read up on the cruel treatment at saks? I’ve heard of countless horrendous violations of human rights at this establishment.

    • CodeRed


  • Brian Hughes

    Who would trust her now. Shady little shit stealing what she can buy. Must be bored with life

  • v4der

    sometimes, i just like to steal