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Subway Inn eviction proceedings temporarily halted

Landlord World-Wide Holdings Corp. is looking to redevelop UES space
August 19, 2014 02:00PM

An Upper East Side dive bar is staving off eviction, one week at a time.

Subway Inn — where Marilyn Monroe reportedly had drinks while filming “The Seven Year Itch” — has been located in the neighborhood for nearly 80 years and is family-owned. A Civil Court judge has now granted a temporary restraining order to halt eviction proceedings from the East 60th Street property, the bar announced on its website Tuesday.

The Subway Inn owners are scheduled due back in court on August 27, when the landlord is to make its case for evicting the bar.

The bar owners said they received a call last month from landlord World-Wide Holdings Corp. saying they had to vacate their location. World-Wide owns other properties on the same block as well, and told the bar owners that redevelopment of the space was always their intent.

Subway Inn has been on short term leases since 2006 and the owners were planning to stay in the location until at least February 2015. [Pix11] — Claire Moses