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Related to convert Upper East Side rentals into condos

Carnegie Park getting 339 for-sale units
September 03, 2014 01:35PM

The Related Companies filed plans to convert an Upper East Side rental building into a condominium property.

The 345,000-square-foot property at 200 East 94th Street, known as Carnegie Park, currently holds 275 rentals. After the conversion, it will hold 339 high-end for-sale units instead.

The average asking price for a condo in the Carnegie Hill neighborhood is $5 million, according to CityRealty data cited by the New York Daily News.

The rental building, which launched in 1987, features a gym, Rooftop Terrace and swimming pool. Both of its entryways are open to all residents. [NYDN]Mark Maurer

  • Sh!t My Tenants Say

    Yes this 80/20 building has “Both of its entryways are open to all residents” however the apartment towers are separate, the 80 is 200 East 94th St and the 20 is 220 East 94th St, connected by two hallways though the lobby. In fact, it was after/because of
    THIS building that NYC changed the rules so that the 80% luxury and 20 % affordable
    units have to be intermixed. Related acted within their right at the time, but it is worth noting.

    • Frick


  • David Brown

    What is the story on the number of units? I usually see rental units combined into larger condo units when buildings are converted. Here they are supposedly increasing the number of units (i.e. converting 275 rentals into 339 condos). Don’t know how you go “high end” with smaller units!.

  • JimmyJack

    This building is on the wrong side of 3rd to be considered Carnegie Hill

  • Frick

    Renters …. “see ya”