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Another top broker joins Douglas Elliman

Lauren Muss leaving the Corcoran Group
September 12, 2014 09:00AM

Lauren Muss, a top-performing Corcoran Group broker who counts the sale of a $21 million Village townhouse and an $18.5 million Gramercy Park townhouse among her notable deals, is going to Douglas Elliman.

Muss, who closed $80 million in sales in 2013 and has contracts out for $68 million in 2014 so far, according to an Elliman spokesperson, was named Corcoran’s Individual Salesperson of the Year in 2010 and 2013. In her new role with Elliman, she will focus on new development marketing and sales, according to an emailed statement.

Earlier this week, The Real Deal reported that former Town Residential broker Brett Miles will also be joining Douglas Elliman.

Both moves coincide with the brokerage’s new partnership with Knight Frank Residential, which will combine the firm’s top listings with the London-based firm’s extensive list of international clients.

Together, the two firms will market the top 10 percent of Douglas Elliman’s listings in the New York metro area, Los Angeles and South Florida.  — Claire Moses

  • doug elliman

    I feel like elliman just take brokers from other companies and offers them a “title” because I can remember maybe another 20 agents with the same title as her. I mean does that not bother them that they have a title that is for shits and giggles. Unless they just give them titles for the hell of it to make them feel good and move them over. hmmm something to think about for agents wanting to switch over.

  • Bob the Broker

    nah Doug, Elliman is giving huge 6 figure signing bonuses or giving them a very expensive new development building to market. Heard it in the halls from those who know…
    By the way there are no more titles. For many of these people to go to DE and Urban Compass there must be something up at Corcoran to see so many jumping ship. More fees? non-working internal website?


      Hands down your are right if so many agents are jumping ship at Corcoran than something is off. DE does have one of the best marketing in the business we can tip our hat to that. I still have seen agents there that all have the same title.

  • Joe

    NRT is squeezing the talent out of the company more exits to follow. When you run a company based on spreadsheet you drain the brains and talent from an organization.

    • Bob the Broker

      I just heard that they are now charging the brokers on top of their advertising budgets for the mailing postcards which used to come out of the advertising budgets. It’s hundreds of dollars a quarter. Pam was lauded for “making such a great deal” selling Corcoran to NRT but as the brokers thought then, it has come to pass that all the brokers are getting screwed. So sad to see a once great company sliding into the toilet.