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Sex offender halfway house angers PLG locals

Neighbors say they were never notified of the facility’s existence
September 20, 2014 05:00PM

Some residents of Prospect-Lefferts Gardens are up in arms after the discovery that an unmarked building in the neighborhood is home to over a dozen violent sex offenders.

Located at 1785 Bedford Avenue, between Sterling Street and Lefferts Avenue, actually began housing sex offenders about two years ago, but neighbors say they were never notified, according to Brooklyn Brief.

However, the building’s landlord claims that all proper procedures were followed to establish the halfway house.

“1785 Bedford Avenue between Sterling Street and Lefferts Avenue is a half way house for VIOLENT SEX OFFENDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Richard Hurley, a lawyer and local community leader, wrote in an e-mail newsletter

Most locals learned of the facility at a 71st Precinct Community Council meeting Thursday evening.

“Someone asked if there were sex offenders at 1785 Bedford Avenue and the response was that it was a homeless shelter,” said Carmen Martinez, president of the Sterling Street B&W Block Association. “I therefore felt compelled to clarify that it was not a homeless shelter, but a half-way house for violent sex offenders.”

Currently about 16 sex offender reside at the property.

“It’s crazy, there are so many kids around here,” said Cheryl Kelly, who lives nearby. “What can we do now? You can’t shame them out of existence. And I get that these people have to live somewhere, but the fact that we weren’t notified at the outset is wrong.” [Brooklyn Brief]Christopher Cameron

  • yourvotecounts

    you voted this way and now you get to see what you voted for..equality my dear friends

  • MIKE B


  • Genarewick

    “VIOLENT SEX OFFENDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Who determined that? Anyone can say anything. The fact is that sex offenders don’t exist out of a vacuum. They are our uncles, stepdads, cousins, baby sitters, coaches, teachers, police officers and grandfathers. This halfway house is the result of the registry, society’s ostrasization of them and the “star of david” or “scarlet letter” they wear. If there was no registry, there’d be no halfway house conglomeration. They’d be living with family with support and monitoring. The registry is to blame for this and eradicating them solves nothing. You can either demand the registry come down or continue to pay taxes to support these people. The next step, as in many other cities is for the state to pay to put them up in motels. And guess what, those people will complain. Sheeple!