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Pols decry “disgraceful” events at Long Island College Hospital

Comptroller Scott Stringer slams emphasis on real estate over health care
September 25, 2014 11:30AM

The New York State Nurses Association and its allies staged a rally at Cobble Hill’s Long Island College Hospital on Wednesday to advocate for expanded medical services after a deal to reopen limited services at the site fell apart. Politicians on hand had harsh words for the State University of New York’s troubled efforts to offload the property.

“I will tell you today what has happened over the last 18 months is nothing short of disgraceful,” City Comptroller Scott Stringer told the crowd.

Asked whether his comments were meant to criticize Mayor Bill de Blasio — who advocated for a full-service hospital at LICH as a candidate, but has since tempered his position — Stringer declined to directly implicate him, Capital New York reported. Instead, he criticized what he characterized as a focus on real estate over community health concerns.

“So much of the conversation has been about luxury development and very few ways to give back to the health care issues of the community,” said Stringer, according to the news site.

Protesters called on SUNY to restore ambulance service, which NYU Langone Medical Center was scheduled to provide on Sept. 1, Capital New York reported. A restraining order granted to the nurses during a fight over hiring practices blocked the transfer, and NYU backed out of the deal, putting at risk Fortis Property Group’s $240 million bid for the property and plans to convert part of the site to condominiums. [Capital NY]Tom DiChristopher

  • Maik Obermuller

    What is really disgraceful is politicians like Scott Stringer making comments like the above. Step up and have New York City take on the 500 million debt of LICH and take it over as a city hospital to run if you think it should go on…………………No answer to that Mr Scott Stringer is there?…………………These false politicians make statements without being willing or ready to take on the reality that LICH is fiscally insolvent and is not a place anyone wants to run as a full service hospital so the neighborrhood the highest 2% income in the nation can have a back up hospital………….

    • agoraks

      LICH belongs and is operated by SUNY has no was SUNY’s debt and it ran the hospital to the ground so it can sell it for condos and bail itself out. The fact is that the debt is not even SUNY’s..its a state hospital so the debt is state’s..mine and yours actually. SUNY had opportunity to maintain the hospital in a rich neighborhood instead they opted to sell it. Are you aware that the state have closed 13 hospital in Brooklyn and Queens ? Do you know that the psychiatric patient now are admitted in prisons wards since there is no specialized hospitals ? I bet you didnt.

      • Maik Obermuller

        Try facts not lies. Here is LICH tax return showing debt of over 300 million in 2011. I know for the LICH activist they want to keep saying the lies about SUNY until someone believes them.

        • agoraks

          What is the thing that you did not understand: LICH belongs to SUNY who did not bill for patients services. nor credentialed any of the LICH physicians for 2 years..should I type it slowly if you have difficulty comprehending..

          • Since you think being rude helps make your points I shall say it again to you. LICH ran up a 500 million debt that had very little to do with the 500 million debt. The tax returns show pieces of the massive losses. The billing for LICH was not done by SUNY. This is again another LICH lie to try and say how wonderful LICH was. LICH was not a great hospital and local folks took their medical business to other NYC hospitals when it was open. NOT ONE MAINSTREAM NEWSPAPER WILL COME WITHIN 1000 feet of any LICH person spouting the kind of lies you do, because everyone knows that they are LIES. I typed slowly for you!

          • agoraks

            so who owned LICH and who did the LICH billing ?

      • According to NYS comptroller after an audit of SUNY Downstate & LICH he said primary cause of SUNY fiscal distress was LICH. Enough of the LIES already dude.