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Landlord group sees red over de Blasio’s green energy plan

Compliance and filing costs will be big burden for owners of smaller buildings, says group
September 29, 2014 11:45AM

A trade group representing rent-regulated housing landlords is warning that changes to a program designed to promote energy efficiency could hit small building owners with big costs.

Under new guidelines, the city would require buildings that are 25,000 square feet or larger to track their energy use. Currently, the threshold is 50,000 square feet.

The change opens up small building owners – including some six-story walk-ups – to filing costs of up to $1,000 per building each year and potential fines of the same amount for noncompliance, Frank Ricci, director of government affairs for the Rent Stabilization Association told the Wall Street Journal.

City officials countered that building owners simply need to file on time and that filing costs can actually be as low as $100, the newspaper reported. [WSJ, 1st]Tom DiChristopher

  • Bullied and Damaged by Rent Re

    I’m not sure what RSA can do for small owners anymore. It just seems like draconian fines that they refuse to wipe over a landlord missing a deadline by a few days because her tenants play with the mail, etc. and then tell her oh there was a letter for you but we dont know where it is now. Do you think the city cares when we tell them we did not get that bill?

    What if a tenant runs the hot water down the drains when she’s not pourng it down the stairs?

    The one thing that should not be done is to impose fines of the owner can prove that there was no cost to the city in late filing because she follows all the rules and didn’t have the money to establish that because she pays her contractors first and frankly, she is being emotionally depleted by tenant behavior.

    I don’t know if we are subject to this new rule but we have new gas lines, new electric lines, extra support columns, a second floor bathroom in case of toilet stoppages on upper floors and I just ordered more battery powered spotlights in case of another Hurricane Sandy polar vortex craptastrophe.

    How are we getting our carrying costs increased when our rents are not allowed to be hiked appropriately and tenant rights are increasing? If the city is willing to wipe fines and real estate taxes for buildings run by advocates, why can’t we get mercy if we can prove that the character assassinations made against us are false?

    Can’t we have an audit in both directions and get tenants to pay at least 20 percent of their income if their rents are not covering their share of expenses? Why not??

    Why don’t we charge them for committing perjury to keep them honest as well as slumlords?

    Why don’t we bill them when they run hot water just so two different leases in a row complain that they can’t wash their hair in the mornings because someone is jealous of young girls moving in but when it’s boys, no games with the water.

  • Bullied and Damaged by Rent Re

    Government should be praised because for a decent but not wonderful salary, a lot of good people answer endless questions, file paperwork nonstop for the rest of us and are often kind but when it’s policy to fine us, no clerk can nor will help us.

    I would be happy to back up every praise of the city and state agencies’ employees. DOB for starters. I would be happy to tell you that honest contractors are out there who are nicer to us than we have earned and if Rory Denis’ landlord had them, he wouldn’t be surrounded by construction after more than a year.

    But there is no way that we can bear what Section 8 owners warned me at my one and only RSA meeting – they will break things and make you repair them and when the inspector comes, it will be rebroken and you cannot collect the rent.

  • no-permits

    deblasio is a bum