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A building inspector tops NYC list with $179,000 in OT pay

All told, 31 city employees made $100K-plus in overtime compensation in 2014
September 30, 2014 02:40PM

Department of Buildings inspector John Murphy topped the list of city employees receiving overtime pay in 2014.

He collected $179,099 in after-hours work in the 2014 fiscal year. The 3,347 additional hours of work amounted to more than triple his current $68,609-a-year salary. Thirty-one city workers made more than $100,000 in overtime during the fiscal year. The year before, 20 employees made the list.

Sixteen of the workers this year are part of the New York City Housing Authority. According to Independent Budget Office data cited by the New York Daily News, the city paid $1.43 billion in total overtime, down from $1.46 billion the year before.

Dunphy made the list for several years, but this is his first time with the most overtime. New York City Housing Authority plumber William Naddeo took the top spot during the 2013 fiscal year with $140,654 in extra pay. He received $130,819 in overtime in 2014. [NYDN]Mark Maurer

  • no-permits

    i wonder how much he took in bribes.

  • knifecatcher

    John is a great man and worth every cent.

  • Bob the Broker

    If the NYC cops can wear cameras, Maybe the housing authority workers can wear monitors to see where they are going and what they are doing.

  • no-permits

    the corruption in these departments is out of control.

  • Jay Are

    While i know the DOB has created a bureaucracy it cannot manage, you cannot necessarily blame an inspector who is actually overworked. Response time from DOB inspectors is down dramatically because the ability for the general public to make complaints is about as difficult as typing this comment. Right or wrong, every complaint requires response. You wrongly target the man, but you correctly aim at the agency. To throw Inspector Murphy’s name in here is tantamount to defamation. How rude. Corruption is down to nil in city agencies these days. and, Mister or Ms. “no-permits”: your comments are super dickish, you ignoranus.

    • Bullied and Damaged by Rent Re

      I got fast responses from DOB when I bypassed my experts and dealt with DOB directly and found that it is NOT DOB that delays.

      DOB is super busy in Manhattan and getting busier in other boroughs but I have documentation that it runs very well and the people there are efficient and expert and NICE.

      DOB is WONDERFUL and the facts of our situation prove it. The govt enjoys very decent clerks who don’t mind if you are rich or poor or what race you are. They are kind to the customers at the counter and on their own time, kind to eateries and retailers they patronize.

      That’s pretty interesting, right? Because the Holocaust was perpetrated by dissatisfied clerks and no one acts like that in NYC so it is not the job nor the low salary that makes a person monstrous.

      Banality of Evil, My Aunt Fanny!!

      • ngestetner

        Bulshit. i dealt with them and i would rather have my teeth pulled that to deal with the DOB

        • Bullied and Damaged by Rent Re

          bullTRUE and I have the email journal entries AND the pdfs of when paperwork was processed to PROVE it. DOB ROCKS.

    • no-permits

      bs, the outer boroughs have corruption at every level in the DOB. you seem to know very little about what actually goes on.

  • no-permits

    who determined the “3,347” overtime hours? that would total 21 hrs a day.. something isn’t right.

    also, the city needs to fix the pension system. these guys abuse the system by working loads of overtime their last year so their pension is based on that figure and not their actual pay.

  • Jane doe

    Dear no permits you r looking at a law suit for unauthorized use of a photo that is not you better change it