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City selects San Francisco firm to help zoning plan

Company will help decide which areas qualify for inclusionary zoning
October 02, 2014 05:20PM

The city is hiring BAE Urban Economics to help the city identify the right neighborhoods for mandatory inclusionary zoning. The San Fransico-based company, also known as Bay Area Economics, will help the city crunch the numbers.

The city’s Housing Development Corporation, as well as the departments of Housing Preservation and Development and City Planning, selected the firm.

According to Crain’s, the firm claims to be an “expert in housing-policy consultation.” Together with local partners, the firm will help determine which locations are suitable for more housing and will need to be rezoned.

Ultimately, developers will be able to build taller buildings in certain neighborhoods if they reserve a percentage of the units for affordable housing and without using any subsidies. [Crain’s] — Claire Moses

  • Just what we need — planners from the only city with a bigger housing crisis than our own to help us figure out how to zone better to reduce the housing crisis.