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Locals want to guard Kingsbridge from upzoning

Proposed ice skating center in the Kingsbridge Armory has spurred rising rents
October 03, 2014 12:25PM

Some residents are working to preserve parts of the Bronx’s Kingsbridge area, in an effort of trying to prevent what they are calling overdevelopment.

Parts of West Kingsbridge Road and East Kingsbridge Road especially need to be preserved, Fernando Tirado, a former district manager of Community Board 7 in the Bronx, told the Norwood News reported. According to the paper, businesses around the Armory have seen their rents rise, making it hard for some local businesses to stay put.

The Kingsbridge Armory is about to be turned into the an iceskating center with a 5,000-seat arena.

Tirado has drawn up a proposal for preservation in the area, which he has presented to the local officials in the area. [Norwood News] — Claire Moses