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Gowanus is close to losing its only public park

The EPA has identified Thomas Greene Park as a possible site for sewage overflow tanks
October 05, 2014 11:00AM

Gowanus has seen a lot of (mostly positive) changes in recent years. But longtime residents and all those newcomers could soon lose the neighborhood’s only public park.

According to Brownstoner, the EPA has long warned that the Gowanus Canal Superfund cleanup might require digging up Gowanus’ only public park and swimming pool to install tanks to catch overflow sewage.

Now that scenario is looking more likely. And naturally, neighbors are not pleased.

On Tuesday, the City’s Department of Environmental Protection announced that it has narrowed the list of possible sites for the sewage tanks to just two: Thomas Greene Park and Double D Pool or the “salt lot” on 2nd Avenue and 5th Street next to the Gowanus Canal.

The Friends of Douglass Greene Park responded by issuing a statement against the siting of the tanks in the park and is circulating a petition to save the pool. [Brownstoner]Christopher Cameron

  • Marc

    City pools are already overflow tanks for sewage. Anyone who goes into a city pool & survives must have the immune system of Superman. No big loss here.

  • larry

    so the pr campaign continues by the pro condo development forces! do they have any patience or concerns for toxic cleanup?

    This site needs to be dug up, first and foremost to address it’s own toxic legacy that continues to leach into the environment.
    If the DEP can use the site to also address sewage control, that would limit the area of disruption to the community to a smaller foot print. To dig and remediate the pool site and then also have to dig another sight for the DEP sewer retention tanks would be significant more disruption to the community.