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Real-life “Wolf of Wall Street” character goes lone wolf to sell $43M home

Alan Wilzig trying to sell Tribeca condo without a broker; paid $4.5M for property
By Rich Bockmann | October 08, 2014 12:40PM

Turns out the real-life inspiration for a minor character in Martin Scorsese’s “The Wolf of Wall Street” isn’t afraid to break away from the pack.

Entrepreneur and semi-professional race car driver Alan Wilzig, who is depicted in the pool-party scene from the 2013 movie introducing Leonardo DiCaprio’s character to his future wife, is shopping his tricked-out Tribeca condo/townhouse without the assistance of a broker.

The for-sale-by-owner listing posted on yesterday is asking $43.5 million for the two-story maisonette at 3 Hubert Street.

“Feel free to share this with your luxury real estate friends for anyone interested in a Manhattan super-residence,” Wilzig posted on his Facebook account. “All brokers protected. I have no problem paying or sharing in paying a commission(s) – but I’m not willing at the present time to grant an exclusive with any one broker or firm. (Especially since a dozen of my good friends are all NYC brokers.)”

Wilzig famously took to Facebook last year to rail against his “nerdy” portrayal in the movie. He criticized Scorsese for leaving out the fact that Wilzig had arrived at the party in his red Ferrari Testarossa.

The 7,500-square-foot Tribeca home is decked out with motorcycles and racing memorabilia and includes a 2,500-square-foot roof deck, private backyard, 6 bedrooms, 5 1/2 baths and an attached garage. Sandwiched in between two 17-story buildings, the home offers the privacy of a townhouse with the convenience of a doorman building.

But those are just the standard features. Inside, the finishing touches include an eight-person hot tub, alligator-wrapped hand rails, a lighting system that bathes the home in different-colored hues, tanning bed, 550-gallon fish tank and bullet-proof glass.

Those embellishments, however, may not fit every buyer’s fancy.

Douglas Elliman broker Toni Haber said that at $5,800 per square foot she thinks Wilzig’s pricing is “optimistic for what it is,” considering the home’s décor many not have universal appeal.

She also, maybe expectedly, advised Wilzig to enlist the services of a professional.

“Often times sellers feel they are saving on the commission and I can’t tell you how many times I have seen them take less or get less because it’s not their skill set,” Haber wrote via email. “So at the end of the day it’s penny wise and pound foolish, in most cases.”

Wilzig, who formerly ran his father’s New Jersey-based bank that was bought out in 2004, was co-owner of the former Kutsher’s Tribeca restaurant that was just a few blocks away from the condo.

The husband and father of two owns a second home in the town of Taghkanic in the Hudson River Valley, where he upset neighbors by building a race track. The family plans to move north and find a rental in the Soho area after selling in the city.

Wilzig bought his Tribeca home for $4.53 million back in 2005, and explained on Facebook that he’s ready to sell in part because “Tribeca has become so ‘fancy’ that it feels a lot more like the Upper East Side than 2000 when we moved down here.”

He added: “It’s time to let some hedge-fund guy who makes $40M every 6 months have it … or some Russian billionaire.”

Correction: A previous version of this article incorrectly identified the location of the Wilzig’s second home with a race track. It is in Taghkanic, N.Y.

  • Bullied and Damaged by Rent Re

    I think he should use a broker because a buyer is not going to walk past and decide to buy his house. He can just record himself pulling a name out of hat so there is no favoritism amongst friends.

    Plus brokers seem to be smarter and more tolerant than the clients because they do this for more frequently than any client does so I don’t think they get offended.

    Is he scared he will be sued because of all the lawsuits reported on this website?

    • Alan Wilzig

      There are all kinds of lawsuits posted on this website ? Meaning lawsuits “about this website” or lawsuits covered by this website – typical broker-disputes ? As for the colors – it’s an option. The whole house is total neutral palette chocolate wenge wood and neutral tone Venetian plaster walls. The color is for frivolous fun , on an occasional basis. YES IT’S TRUE when I conceived of it 9 years ago I was thinking ” LED illuminated parties !” and yes….the reality was the first time we turned the whole house a color was baby-blue for the bris of our son and the second time was Hello Kitty pink for the naming party for our daughter 18 months later. I think I made it green once for the Rainforest Alliance annual board of directors Xmas dinner.

      • Bullied and Damaged by Rent Re

        lawsuits covered on this website including by brokers

        • Alan Wilzig

          Gotcha ! I wasn’t even conscious of same. After running a bank through two real estate crises and defending myself in courts for FOUR YEARS , against a vicious activist group hell-bent on preventing me from utilizing my Town-issued building permits to complete my private racetrack…..I’m kind of jaded-agnostic when it comes to litigation , at this point in my life.

          • Bullied and Damaged by Rent Re

            are you indifferent because you are bankrolled by a propaganda machine? Nobody is funding us – the opposite in fact – we pay for the privilege of working for free.

        • Bullied and Damaged by Rent Re

          I will never think of Danny Bowien without thinking of “a veritable swamp with the corpses of mice” in his own words:

  • nycrealestatejunkie2014

    This entire article makes no sense. Also “co-owner of the Kutscher’s Tribeca restaurant just a few blocks away from the condo. ” That place is gone. Great investment in a dump of a restaurant. The UES called and they want you back.

    • Dan

      It’s open. It’s not gone. They deliver.

    • Alan Wilzig

      But I never lived there they can’t possibly want me BACK…if at all ;)
      Midtown 50’s MIGHT want me back ; but I wouldn’t want to go back. After 15 yrs downtown – going North of 34th st feels like a different city. I feel like a tourist.

    • Marc

      The sewers called and they want you back. It’s amazing how you would take the time to bash anyone but you save it for a good man. I’ve met Alan and other members of his family and I can tell you there’s no nicer person. If you hate his restaurant (I suspect you hate everything including yourself) then open up a better one. Tell us all about you and what a scary success you are.

  • upcoming

    definitely needs a broker to help anyone to buy that..

  • Jerry Actricks

    Just need to write 4 Letters that explains this guy. T O O L

    • Don

      Clearly you don’t know him.

    • TribecaSam

      This guy is an enormous tool and I do know him. $43M for no views and to be looked down by buildings on three sides. They are workmen hanging out in front of his place all day. He’ll get $15m if he’s lucky. He practically ran Trust Co into the ground when he took over after his father died. It’s not his fault he just not very smart. Bullet proof glass – Lol.

      • Alan Wilzig

        REALLY ? What planet do you come from where “doubling the value” = “running into ground” . The market will set the price. It’s incumbent on me to set an ask and I guess it’s incumbent on anonymous internet trolls to make mean-spirited , and / or wholly inaccurate statements. But it’s all worth it to live in a country with absolute freedoms like that , isn’t it ?

      • Alan Wilzig

        If you know me (and my enormous tool) why don’t you just be a man and email me at and tell me WYFP is with me ? Instead of a “Geriatric” troll just anonymously, publicly, hurling epithets ? I’m the most approachable guy in the world. You could say ” i just think you’re a showy ostentatious jerk and you’re full of yourself”. And I’d say ” Wow…sorry you feel that way. Anything personally I did that I can make amends-for ; or do you just enjoy hurling anonymous epithets ?” Either one is cool. Free country. I’m a human , thusly some people love me , some tolerate me I guess….and some behave as you have. But very few in 49 years. So I’m actually intrigued by your vitriol.

    • Alan Wilzig

      Where would civilization BE without the advent of the tool ? Given my motorsport proclivities I’d PREFER “wheel”..or even flint-knapped obsidian arrowhead.. ….but if you must , then tool is acceptable I guess..

  • Don

    The race track is not in his front lawn.

    • Rich Bockmann

      Fixed it, thanks for pointing that out

  • Tyrannosaurus Rex

    Very soon, people will be selling their own RE through a phone app without use of brokers.

    • Nicholas_Cage


    • NYCguest

      People have been saying this since the dot com boom of the 90’s and quite a few companies have tried and failed. The reality is that people need other people to manage their expectations and very often their ego’s.

  • patrickswqyze

    How much did they pay you to do a article on him to help sell it?

    • Alan Wilzig

      The better question would be: how much did they pay ME to place my d**k on the RealTable comment “table” for anyone that wishes to play Tepanyaki-chef ?

  • #FSBO = #ExactlyRight …

  • On Crack…

    What a joke, 43million, the Puppy of Real Estate!

    • Alan Wilzig

      Generally I’m more puppy than wolf ; so thats fine :)

  • Alan Wilzig
  • Tibbeth

    Oh please, Poor baby. Delusion.

    • Alan Wilzig

      The “poor baby” was somewhat soothing. I feel much better now. Thank you.
      But it can’t be very delusional ( mildly perhaps) – in 2009 when things were NOT PRETTY OUT THERE I was offered 20MM ,,,twice for real. In 2011 i was offered 24. All 3 had lost-out on bids for PH flats in “The Hubert’ / 7 Hubert. So maybe it’s only worth 30 or 35. I can’t tell you that – we’lI all see soon enough…or not. I can only hope it’s worth as much as possible. If not we just don’t sell it, and wait 10 years until the children finish school. I have no debt and the taxes and common charges are really quite reasonable considering the space & place.

  • Nama Stay

    I love the fact that the real Alan Wilzig is responding to each comment to this article, just like the GM at a hotel responds to complaints made by guests on trip The only difference is, when the GM responds, it is her job. The bigger question for you, Alan – why are you responding? You are wealthy and you have a loving family – go in peace…

    • Dan

      Isn’t is his job to sell his property if it’s FSBO?…..

    • Alan Wilzig

      You are both kind , and dispensing of good advice. But it’s just my candid nature to always answer posts ; even anonymous ones. I’ve made some actual friends that way since no one expects “article-subjects” to even read comments, let alone respond. When DRIVE did a long video on the saga of my racetrack – there were a bunch of comments ( the cleaner ones ) along the lines of ” I would have preferred to see less of him, and more of his wife !” To which I OBVIOUSLY responded “YEAH MAN ! Me too ! We’re clearly kindred-spirits ! I didn’t edit the piece though ; I just answered 4 hrs of questions. It was raining when they came up, so they probably had originally hoped to turn half my chatter into voice-over over cool images…not boring newscaster-talking-head.” So I enjoy it , actually…..and peculiar as it may sound ; in the final analysis – it’s been rewarding. But thank you , still.

  • BS politician

    Does he not have the right to respond to folks like you and ugly comments written about his character? You go Alan! Every stupid comment needs to be dealt with.

  • rick real

    All the best for a quick sale Alan!

    • Alan Wilzig

      Thank you.

  • Kglasser

    Could it be Taconic?

    • Kg

      And why will you all be so surprised when Alan sells his home for close to his asking price without a broker? I have never seen such a group of bad sports. Why not wish him luck?
      Maybe it will bring up the prices of your real estate investments.

      • Marc

        They are nasty angry Liberals with no investments. They live off the success of others and know only to hate. Likely they are childless and lonely. The more successful a person is the more they hate. Alan is happy, has a pretty wife, children & a wonderful outlook. That fosters anger and jelousy with internet trolls.

    • Alan Wilzig

      Taghkanic ?

  • AnneeZ

    I’m a real estate agent, but before I was I continually surprised one of the top 10 @ Elliman who gave me a thrashing for “pricing too high” and selling on my own– but over and over I did, for WAY over what he said I could get and without the 6%. What can I say? If you know how to do it– right (that’s the key word), why not? The thing is, most FSBO’s price too high, don’t market right, and let unqualified buyers through their doors.

  • nortonburgess

    What a douche.