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Thief allegedly steals entire house in Queens

A thief allegedly stole Jennifer Merin’s entire home using a phony deed
October 12, 2014 11:00AM

One ambitious thief has taken things a bit further than simply breaking and entering; he’s staying. A Manhattan woman claims an ex-con has stolen her home in Queens by filing a phony deed with the city and moving in.

Jennifer Merin is battling the thief in court to remove the convicted armed robber, Darrell Beatty and his sons from the three-bedroom Tudor, according to the New York Post.

“It just devastates me,” Merin, an online film critic, told the Post as she looked at her family heirlooms piled in the garage of the Laurelton home.

Merin said her Russian and Ukrainian grandparents moved into the house on 141st Avenue in 1931 and raised her mother and her mother’s two siblings there.

She first realized something was wrong when she received a pricey water bill. When she investigated, she found her locks changed and her car gone. The thieves told police that they were the legal residents.

“[This] case is what changed the dynamic in the Department of Finance of how we process deed transfers,” city Sheriff Joseph Fucito, whose office executes evictions and probes deed fraud, told The Post. [NYP] – Christopher Cameron

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    Is the Sunny Sheu murder real or an internet hoax? How could the judge be dirty and not be arrested?

    And why did Preet Bharara lose a case on the same issues he had repeatedly won on before?

    Is anyone investigating how multiple cases are being ruled against the law with no problem for the judges involved when they contradict past decisions on the same issues? Unless you have money to appeal, you are stuck with a bad verdict and then if you win, you could lose on appeal – it’s all very fishy.

    It’s happened to a number of Chinese business people and their money gets wiped by those legal fees when they think they have a strong case.