What if the Statue of Liberty was a condo conversion?

Hint: the penthouse might ask about $240 million
October 12, 2014 01:00PM

Sometimes it seems like virtually every building imaginable, no matter how historic, is being converted into luxury condos. But what if the Statue of Liberty was an ultra high-end housing conversion?

As a condominium complex, “the landmark offers privacy, security, exclusivity and the feeling that you are part of history. One lucky penthouse owner will be able to experience breathtaking 360° views of the city (and New Jersey) from their torch-style terrace,” NYAnimal writes.

And the poignant satire doesn’t stop there.

“The base of the statue will feature parking, assorted high-end retail stores, a five star restaurant and maids’ quarters… There will be limited affordable housing and an elegant poor door for entry, so low-income residents never have to see the rich people and get jealous. Applicants will just have to pass the totally reasonable credit check,” NYAnimal adds.

[Animal New York]Christopher Cameron