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Domestic violence on the rise in NYC’s public housing

Crimes spiked 100 percent in projects, compared to a 25 percent increase city-wide
October 14, 2014 11:30AM

Domestic violence crimes doubled between 2009 and 2013 in the New York City Housing Authority’s housing developments, according to a report to be released by the City Council’s Public Housing Committee.

In 2009, 809 domestic violence crimes were reported. Last year, that number was 1,642, according to the New York Daily News. City-wide, domestic violence crimes rose 25 percent.

Major crime in NYCHA housing rose 31 percent over the past five years.

Mayor Bill de Blasio recently decided to give priority to homeless families over domestic violence victims who are waiting to get into NYCHA. As of March, the Daily News reported, the waiting list had about 240,000 applicants. [NYDN] — Claire Moses

  • john

    In gloomy conditions, you’ll always have more crime, and more hatred towards each other. It aint called gloomfor nothing.

  • no-permits

    deblasio should give priority to a homeless family when renting his own house.

  • noclist

    I bet murder and rape are off the charts in the projects.