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Trump found personally liable for unlicensed university

Judge rules against developer in AG's suit over now-defunct school
October 16, 2014 12:00PM

A Manhattan State Supreme Court judge found Donald Trump personally liable for knowingly running his now-defunct Trump University without a license.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has filed a $40 million lawsuit against Trump over the university. That case is still ongoing.

Schneiderman filed the suit last year against Trump for allegedly scamming people through his university. The suit alleged that Trump defrauded more than 5,000 people through the school, which offered free seminars to help them get rich by teaching real estate-investing techniques used by Trump.

“It’s undisputed that Mr. Trump never complied with the licensing requirements,” Manhattan State Supreme Court Judge Cynthia Kern said, as reported by the New York Daily News.

The judge ruled that several major aspects of the fraud lawsuit will be decided at a forthcoming trial. Jeffrey Goldman, attorney for Trump, said three of Schneiderman’s claims have been rejected by the courts to date.

In December, Trump accused Schneiderman of violating ethics and conflict-of-interest laws for allegedly cozying up to his daughter Ivanka and her husband real estate mogul Jared Kushner while pursuing claims against the school, as previously reported. [NYDN]Mark Maurer

  • JPlayer9

    Just one more Donald Trump scam. Remember when his name meant something?

    • KaneAspillike

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    • No, when did his name ever mean something?



  • Conscience_of_a_conservative

    Trump is a public figure and ran an unreputable school that made false promises. It serves a public good to make an example out of Donald , so that others get the message. Unfortunately there are far too many examples of for-profit schools that essentially bilk students of their money and deliver nothing in return.

  • sharon

    They should go after the con men
    who gave the seminars.
    They knew very well what they were doing.


    OY VEY
    Now Trump is saying he might re-open
    Trump University.

  • Oouch

    Trump is a fraud and grifter, and has always been a fraud and grifter. From his first emergence from Queens as the flawed sperm of daddy Trump he has been a pox on our city and our nation, and his name has always been synonymous in our house with a scum catcher, sewer strainer, or sump pump filter in a cesspool. The early purchasers of shares in his earlier enterprises like his casino that he funded through bankruptcy law protection via false testimony and filings are the ones who really deserve compensation. But, who knows, some of the dummies who went to his university might have formerly paid to lose their money in his casinos. As they say, a sucker’s born every second.

  • ralphpetrillo

    Jail time?


    Donald “piece of garbage” Trump has been running scams for over 30 years; he made his bones trading on his father’s political connections. Once they ran out, all he had was his capacity for bullsheet

  • MikeChike

    I’ve never purchased Trump U. products. But I always understood Trump University to consist of self-study seminars or self-help programs similar to those offered by Dale Carnegie or Tony Robbins. I NEVER understood Trump University to be anything remotely similar to a serious, accredited university.

    Is the use of the word “University” the thing that got Trump into trouble ??? Who are the morons who honestly believed that they were getting some kind of assured guarantee of success ???