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Barbara Corcoran spruces up her old offices on the sly

Even though she sold her company in 2001
October 18, 2014 12:00PM

Barbara Corcoran, of real estate and “Shark Tank” fame, still likes to spruce up around the Corcoran Group offices and keep things looking cheery — even though she sold the company in 2001.

In an interview with LinkedIn executive editor Daniel Roth, Corcoran explained that she was annoyed at seeing some sad-looking flowers around Corcoran’s headquarters, according to the New York Post.

“I walked past our Madison and 89th [Street] office only two days ago . . . I was annoyed that there were no fresh mums in those planters I had picked out,” she said. “And so what did I do? I had them delivered anonymously the next day.”

She admitted the move was a “little nutsy.” But “you’re always their mother,” figured Corcoran, who founded her firm in the 1970s and later sold it to NRT Inc.[NYP] Christopher Cameron

  • Marc

    She has nothing to be ashamed of. She founded and ran a great company and predictably cares. I don’t think what she did was a “little nutsy”. She has pride, something severely lacking in our world.

    • broker Bob

      So true. It is really too bad that the company has been in the toilet for the last few years. Pam ignored the way Barbara used to run the company and NRT is basically is destroying it Buy milk and get dry of any money at produces. If you think the 89th St. office looks a little shabby you should see the main headquarters in the Barney’s building. Super shabby stained and chipped paint and furniture. It is an embarrassment to the great company Barbara built which is no longer.

  • axl

    also nice to get some free PR, Barb!

  • Nana

    She is great for this..its the little things that make people want to do business with people and companies. What she did is something i would do with my firm photography. our team is always looking to make sure that everything is in place the way existing clients remember it..

    Nana @


    She sold out too soon. She would have made more money sticking around than going to do Shark Tank

  • Art

    A class act BC.
    Pam is no Barbara as the company is losing it’s momentum with agents now leaving every week.
    Corcoran needs new blood and some fresh innovation in leadership.

  • JJ

    they should be embarrased

  • be serious

    REALLY!!!! Big deal. Barbara is a marketing genius, but really!!!!!! Pam, who actually SOLD properties, has done an amazing job. ITS THE CORPORATE FRANCHISE THAT IS THE NEGATIVE!!!! with small boutique firms, opened by those who would be noting, without the likes of those who started the industry, like Barbara and Clark Halstead and so on……..or their wealthy families….

  • getreal

    Barbara, take back the ship. Pam and NRT are running your baby into the ground.