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Councilman David Greenfield doesn’t do dinner

Brooklyn official at helm of powerful committee tries to stick to the middle ground in dealing with developers, community
By Mark Maurer | October 22, 2014 10:20AM

From the October issue: If New York City real estate developers want David Greenfield’s ear, they’ll have to make the trek downtown to City Hall.

While developers often attempt to wine and dine the chair of the City Council’s Land Use Committee, they can expect the man who now holds that powerful position to decline most social invitations. [more]

  • jake

    It’s not always about wine and dine let me pay for your dinner so you owe me a favor type of thing. Its a lot better setting and easier to talk about things when you are eating and having a couple jokes after work. When you go into someone’s office for a meeting everyone is so uptight. Just go to dinner and pay for it yourself its not like the connections he would make won’t help him out later in life anyways.

  • kassin

    it’s because he knows how to keep things tight: glat kosher til pesach baby!

  • George

    He’s the man, true professional!