5 secret graveyards in NYC

Some of the city’s unknown burial sites include Washington Square and Central Park
October 26, 2014 12:32PM

There are corpses rotting under our feet.

This isn’t just in such graveyards as the one at lower Manhattan’s Trinity Church. Even though the city began forbidding burials south of Canal Street in 1832, and then outlawed burials below 86th Street in 1851, several now-prominent locations  served as burial grounds. And still do.

Just in time for Halloween, the New York Post has listed five public city locations where bodies are still buried—and we haven’t even been aware of it. Until now.

Public Parks That Serve As The Final Resting Place of tens of thousands of former New Yorkers include James J. Walker Park On Hudson Street at Clarkson Street; Madison Square Park On Broadway at East 23rd Street; Central Park at West 85th Street (right by Mariner’s Gate); beneath the Internal Revenue Service’s downtown offices (seriously); and in Washington Square Park. [NYP] —TRD