Alloy, Flank turn to toddlers — yes, toddlers — to draw buyers

Developers offering children's classes on site to sell homes
October 31, 2014 03:04PM

Alloy Development, Flank and other New York City developers are luring prospective buyers by offering classes to residents’ children on site.

For example, Alloy, led by Jared Della Valle, is building a 1,700-square-foot annex of the Brooklyn Children’s Museum at the 12-story condominium project One John Street. The museum space will feature art, science and environmental classes. The building is in Dumbo, while the museum is in Crown Heights.

Meanwhile, the Children’s Museum of the Arts is slated to curate an arts program as well design the playroom at developer and architecture firm Flank’s the Boerum at 314 Atlantic Avenue.

Brokers told the Wall Street Journal that classes in several apartment buildings have helped with selling homes there. Gisela Vergara of Douglas Elliman said she spends more time with her children while working on brokering deals at Jeshayahu “Shaya” Boymelgreen’s 15 Broad Street, which offers a similar program.

“It’s certainly one of the first amenities I mention when the client has a baby or toddler,” Vergara told the newspaper.  [WSJ] Mark Maurer