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Owners of Queens complex won’t rent to ex-cons: suit

Social services provider accuses landlords of 900-unit Sand Castle of discrimination
October 31, 2014 02:30PM

Queens property owner Sandcastle Towers Housing Development Fund and investor group Sarasota Gold are facing a lawsuit for allegedly excluding rental applicants with criminal records from leasing an apartment at the Sand Castle, a 900-unit rental complex in Far Rockaway.

Fortune Society, a provider of social services, filed a lawsuit yesterday in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District in Brooklyn.

Representatives of Sandcastle were accused of telling Fortune Society staff that tenants with a criminal past “scare” management at 711 Seagirt Avenue, and that they consider a record to be a “red flag.” Sand Castle had rented units to four of the clients of Fortune Society through a client.

Applicants were rejected “regardless of the nature of the conviction, the amount of time that has lapsed since the conviction, evidence of rehabilitation, or any other factor related to whether a specific person poses any threat to safety,” according to the lawsuit cited by the New York Times. The owners did not comment to the newspaper. [NYT]Mark Maurer

  • Flipoutnyc

    Isn’t that how they pick people from the affordable lottery? They check credit and criminal records.

    • Bullied and Damaged by Rent Re

      Do they really?

      What if THIS person is rent regulated and his family holds the apartment for him to return after he is released? How are the families of the murdered in the building going to feel to see him on the premises:


        Go and ask Obama.


        And you can rent your house out to those criminals. Those to be liberal about letting criminal has fair housing then they should take.those criminals to their houses.

  • FarRock

    Isn’t that a good thing? Why would the neighbors want murderers, rapists, and drug dealers as neighbors? There’s no law being violated.

    • arealist

      With that close-minded mentality you have, you assume everyone that has gone to jail hasn’t learned their lesson and will continue on the wrong path. I understand your point but don’t put them all in the same boat.

  • Edward Johnson

    next is that they won’t let landlords decline people based on bad credit scores because minorities are more likely to have bad credit scores.

    if a landlord doesn’t want a criminal in his building he has that right.

    • Marc

      When liberals write laws freedom is lost.

    • arealist

      “Minorities are likely to have bad credit scores?” That’s like me saying all Caucasians are racist. Well wait a minute…

      • Edward Johnson

        you completely twist the meaning of my comment and deliberately misquote me – your tactic is obvious and shameful race baiting.
        I said that minorities are MORE likely to have bad credit – and this is a statement of fact – minorities do have lower credit scores – again – it’s just a fact.

    • Bullied and Damaged by Rent Re

      uh, WRONG.

      The FBI came to our building and said that one of the released undeported killers of her husband had given the address of their family’s rent control apartment as his residence. “You are renting to your husband’s murderer.” sent my mother into a tailspin further exacerbated by the fact that the FBI said they were a BIG HELP to the FBI now making us feel that the law endorsed them against the victim.

      I know that’s not true but it feels like it.

  • Zumbot

    I was a volunteer tutor at Fortune Society for many years. In a nutshell, the guys I worked with were more honest and had more integrity than most people. They want to better their lives and more forward. I trust the people from Fortune more than the people I worked with on Wall Street. Best employee I ever had spent 14 years in prison and said it best: “I only have my word, nothing else.” I’ve been through the criminal justice system and the people running it are WORSE than most of the people incarcerated.

    • Bullied and Damaged by Rent Re

      My father was murdered by killers who had no integrity or honor. No one is giving us free college education and free internet and special rights as victims of murderers who do get all those things for being prisoners or former convicts.

      This is worse than prodigal sons who get serve chicken dinners at the expense of the do-right brother. Basically, we are endorsing the excuses that criminal make for hurting others but refusing to tolerate being hurt in turn.