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Lauren Bacall’s Dakota pad to hit market at $26M

Industry sources previously valued the co-op at $9M
By E.B. Solomont | November 05, 2014 05:19PM

UPDATED November 6, 2:20 p.m.: Legendary actress Lauren Bacall’s apartment at the Dakota will hit the market this month for $26 million, The Real Deal has learned. Following the movie star’s death this summer at age 89, news outlets speculated the home had been valued at $9 million, a figure disputed by industry sources familiar with the sprawling apartment.

Rebecca Edwardson of Warburg Realty has the exclusive listing, the brokerage confirmed today.

While the building’s strict co-op board has insisted on keeping details about Bacall’s unit under wraps – including its size, location and floor – sources said the apartment’s park-facing frontage spans approximately 100 feet.

“Almost all of the important rooms face the park,” said a source familiar with the property, who described the home as a “grand” apartment with seven fireplaces and “tons of original details.”

Bacall purchased the home for $48,000 in 1961, and counted Boris Karloff, Judy Holliday and Roberta Flack among her neighbors. In a 2011 Vanity Fair article, Bacall’s home was described as “cavernous,” with a wood-trimmed parlor and huge windows that “overlook Central Park, 30 feet above the tree line.”

The 93-unit landmark building, at 1 West 72nd Street, is one of the city’s most elite properties. It’s also among the stodgiest, having turned down the liked of Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas. In 2011, it was hit with a racial bias suit by hedge fund manager Alphonse ’Buddy’ Fletcher.

  • nsguy45

    It has been published in the past that the apartment consists of 14 rooms and is on the 4th floor, along the Central Park side of the Dakota.

  • Therealdan McKelvey

    I only imagine how cool the whole Dakota building is…

  • naro

    You will pay real estate taxes of more then $50k a year to support the 20% of New Yorkers who are parasites on welfare. That is 1 out of five people you see in the street are on the dole. what a city

    • Eternal Optimist

      Actually in March 2014 welfare recipients in New York were totaled at 339,203 by the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, which they noted was a drop of 71 percent in 19 years, when the number was at its all-time high in 1995. Against a 2013 NYC population total of 8,406,000, welfare recipients actually total 4 percent of the city’s population. So please, take your New York hatemongering elsewhere, thanks.

      • Marc

        It’s not hate mongering and the population of free loaders in NYC is several times that narrow statistic pulled from the air. How many live in city owned housing? How many live under communist laws forced upon landlords? How many under section 8? Social services? HEAP, Food Stamps, WIC, Medicaid. I’m sure you have all the stats to prove my point as those are the real numbers and you know it. I guess you don’t give most your income to support these bums.

        • Eternal Optimist

          Have fun supporting your Tea Party candidates. Entitled jerk.

          • Marc

            This is the real hate. “Entitled jerk”? LOL fresh mouth, You are obviously describing yourself unless you believe self reliance, family, hard work, thrift, independence and sacrifice is the way of liberals (Socialism). I would suggest you’d be happier in Cuba, France, China all freedom loving nations with free healthcare. I think I hit a sore spot. You couldn’t use statistics to lie about what is really happening.

          • Bob

            50,000 a year is not so high for the most Exclusivce building in the City over looking Central park..Check out New Jersey real estate taxes! Homes costing 5/600 thousand are paying 15 to 20,000 and more in Suburbs.. a place costing 26 million I can’t even guess what the taxes would be.. Whats the matter with all the right wing..look down and be happy you in the boat u are and stop looking up for More..

        • Kevin Hunt

          Wake up and smell reality. The biggest “Parasites” and “Freeloaders” live in States like Mississippi, Texas, Alabama, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and if you count Social Security as being “Parasitic” in your world, then you can add Arizona and Florida to that list. Odd coincidence…these are all Republican States…and more impportantly…TEA Party Republican States. Facts are hard to come by in the Fox News World, but all it takes is a little research, and you can find out exactly what the Truth is. Deny it. Ignore it. Act like it burns your eyes…Facts are Facts, and you will never disprove this.

        • JR

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      • naro

        I am including the city workers that are hired to support and maintain the welfare recipients, and include the disability recipients, crooked healthcare providers who treat them, and other welfare associated city services that take well over 20% of our budget to support and maintain the welfare class in NYC.

  • jjk

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  • ron bsure

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